Saturday, October 15, 2011

FASHION SHOW and some more goodies

Saschas design is having a hughe fashion show on October 15th at 1:00 pm SLT. And you are ALLinvited. Not only do you get to see all the lovely new designs by Miss Sascha Frangilli, but she is also giving away a lovely peach gown at the show. The gown is called Midnight Peach and you can see it below.

Details for the show:
Classic with Style is organising it HERE on October 15th at 1:00 PM SLT.
For the show follow THIS link, the link far above will lead you to Sascha's design store.
There is another fashion event at Favole. It is called Hallow's Eve Couture Fashion show and it is taking place on October 15th and 16th. Follow the link to get there.
The items below will be a new release on that show, so you cannot buy them yet! The whole package inclused boots, dress, hair and wings and it will be 500 L$ all together or you can buy each item sepearately (so NOT FREE!). But it is a great outfit for Halloween :)

The next dress is the group gift by Purple Moon. The group has reached 10.000 members ! CONGRATULATIONS !!!
It is their first MESH dress and I had to log in on the Firestorm MESH viewer to take the pics :) But the dress looks very nice don't you think?
And Purple Moon also has a great subscribo gift. A lovely jewelry set. Thank you so much Purple Moon.
Then I went to Morea as they have a new group gift too. While you are at Morea don't forget to click the Midnight Mania board as they have a GREAT top in it (look below). The lovely SHOES I am wearing on this blog are colorchange and they are by HOC Industries. (not free)
I also went to Vita's Boudoir and they have a LOVELY new group gift. So elegant, soft pink. I love the feather details.

Vita's Boudoir has a lot of older group gifts sitting on the floor, so don't forget to take them too (joining the group is free).
<-BAG only.
Next I got the group gift at Coco. They have a LOT of group gifts, I blogged them a long time ago. But this one I didn't have yet. Lovely jacket. The tanks are free by Jane.
I still have a few items left from the TRPH (find a ticket). How about this GREAT dress by Styles by the Gotter? Isn't that a gorgiuos dress?
Style by the Gotter has some more gifts at their store. Actually they have THREE gifts in the TRPH. On each floor one, so take a good look around ladies ! If yoyu find all you get this great HAIR too. The necklace and earrings I am wearing with the hair are the TRPH gift at DeiTY.
And this hair is the TRPH gift at Dura. The lovely blue earrings are by Styles by the Gotter, their last price in TRPH.
Sterling Artistry is also participating in TRPH and they give you lovely eyes in several colors IF you find the ticket at their store.
What would eyes be without a great skin? These lovely skins are the TRPH gift at Agi's Secret skins ...go look for the ticket if you like these skins !
Then I saw the great skins at Girl Life. They are very good skins but kinda expensive. It is worth to take a look there at the skins girls, and it is even more worth to go there if you do not have the money because they are giving away 12 (yes TWELVE) great geisha skins on their Midnight Mania board. It didn't close when I clicked it so you have to do with the pic of the Midnight Mania board and a pic of their LUCKY BOARDS.