Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Look what I found in black and white !

Actually I couldn't think of a good title and that is why I just put that line up there. But I did find a lot of GREAT stuff, some from the The Runway Perfect Hunt (TRPH) in which you have to find a ticket. And some just in shops along the way while hunting.
So where do I start?
There are so many great prices in the TRPH, clothes, gowns, hair, shoes, skins you name it. This first picture shows the GREAT jewelry that Chop Zeuy is giving away in this hunt. The gift includes a bracelet, earrings and a ring.
And I am wearing that lovely jewelry with the dress I got at Cleo Couture, also a gift in the TRPH. Find the ticket ladies and you will look GREAT !

Cleo Couture is giving away another great dress in this hunt, a lovely pink/magenta dress with shoes. I am using Behaviour Body poses with this dress, also a gift in the THRP hunt. (poses also on other pics in this blog)
This next dress is also a gift in TRPH and it is by Chandelle, a lovely black lace dress. I am using the poses from Morphine poses with this dress (and also on other pics in this blog). These poses are also a gift in TRPH, this time, like I said at Morphine Poses.
There is another cute black and white outfit in this TRPH, it is by Vero Modero and it is a white tee with a lovely lace skirt in black. To get it you only have to find TRPH ticket !
Well as I am showing black dresses at the moment I cannot leave out the gown I found at Lucious Catz. Find the ticjet at their store and you are ready for a lovely evening filled with dances and romance.
To wear with these dresses and gowns I found these shoes by Quintessensia mainstore shoes. The nails are color change. You have to find the ticket to get these shoes ladies.
Then ofcourse you need jewelry to wear with the dresses, and guess what? Purple Moon is giving away lovely jewelry in th TRPH. Little beads and feathers in black. With this elegant jewelry I am wearing another TRPH gift, hair by L + N signature designs. The hair comes in several colors.

As I am showing black and white stuff...[sYs ] design has also a gift in the TRPH and this is not really black but close enough :) Find the ticket at [sYs] design.
Ok now I think I have shown you all te black and white things I found in this hunt...let me check...ooops forgot Carries Lingerie...sexy in black and purple  :) How could I forget that? Also a gift in the TRPH ladies. The poses I am using with Carries Lingerie are by Poses N Props and also a gift in TRPH.
And the last gowns is white. And why is it white? Because it is a wedding gown and it comes with the hair lace and flowers and the bridal bouquet. It is a gift by Bubble Design in TRPH.
To be wed you need a ring...and CCD is giving you this great ring IF you can find the ticket at their store ladies. It is not that hard to find the tickets :)
To end this blog I will simply show you some cute things I found in this hunt, like the sexy glasses by Crie Style :)
Or the cute hats I found. The grey and red hat is the gift in TRPH by Azoury. The riding hats in black and purple, wearable with or without the long lace, are by Les Sucreties de la Fairy.

Last one: this great watch which is a gift by Aurora Borealis. Find the ticket from the TRPH there and you can tell te time in SL.