Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some jewelry, some group gifts, some lucky boards.

Just a little bit of everything today as usual. It seems I can't do a blog on just one subject these days :)
But who cares, all the gifts are GREAT.
Let me start with some jewelry. Ganked has changed their store and they have an outlet skybox with lots of low prices items AND e new freebie. A lovely colorful Mistress set, called Fiesta.
Burroughs also has some free items at their store and still 4 lucky chairs with lovely gifts. The bracelets are from the lucky chairs and the metal is colorchange. The lovely earrings and necklace are free and the stones are also colorchange in a lot of shades.

Then I found a few Halloween left overs in my inventory. I have no idea why I overlooked this GREAT outfit by BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) before! It is their group gift for October.

The next 2 dresses are gifts from the lucky board at M*one. The letters change fast and there are lots of questionmarks, so a fairly good chance to get the dress you want.

This sexy tattoo is a gift by Amy Moe in the Fabfree group. Thank you so much Amy ! To get it join Fabfree group and check notices. The pasties are NOT included.
And that was it for this time ladies.


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