Thursday, October 20, 2011

Group gifts and hunts.

Today I am going to start with a few very nice group gifts I found at S@bbia.
They have many group gifts (joining the group is free) and they also have 2 lucky boards at the store. The white long skirt is from those lucky boards.

This cute skirt is also a group gift by S@bbia. I styled it with the shirt I got from the lucky chairs at Bukka and with the Bukka bag which is a group joining gift (joining is free).
Then I went to Sassy. Actually I got there because they are participating in the Zombie Popcorn hunt. This first dress is the gift in the Zombie Popcorn hunt. Find the bag with popcorn and it is yours.
Sassy is however participating in MANY hunts...This next dress is the gift at Sassy in the ToT hunt.
This dress is the gift in the INN hunt at Sassy.
And this outfit is yours if you find the hunt item in the PPH3 hunt.
This is Sassys gift in CHP.
This cute dress is a gift at Yulicie. Lovely sexy purple dress, perfect to go clubbing.
The next melon top is a gift at Shush in the Twisted Fruit hunt.
And the next items are all from the Zombie Popcorn Hunt. You have to find the bag with popcorn in the stores and the gifts will be yours. This first one can be found at D Select. You get the lovely undies set at their store if you findthe popcorn. The cute pumpkin hat is by KisKis, also hidden inside the popcorn.
This jacket is not from the Zombie Popcorn hunt, but from the No Strings attached hunt (find the cage with the dolly). You can find it at Razorblade Jacket. The tights are a Zombie Popcorn hunt gift at Rezipsa Loc.
The next capri pants are by Sweet Antidote. Find the popcorn ladies ! The cute tank is a group gift by Jane.
These sexy pants are by Vilena and the top is by Tart. Both are gifts in the Zombie Popcorn hunt.
Last one for today are the leggings I found at Ancayi. The tops is by TuttiFrutti and to get either one you have to find the bag of popcorn at their stores.