Thursday, October 6, 2011

Skins & shapes & eyes

Today just skins, shapes and eyes.
Let me start with a lovely skin by Lemania. It is a gift in the Pumpkin hunt, so it is free :) WOW thank you Lemania.
The next skins are by JeSyLiLo and they are a gift in the Zombie Popcorn hunt.
And this skin is also by JeSyLiLo and it is a gift for Halloween but only for group members :)
Lanevo (lantern evolution) has a skin hidden inside the magnifying glass from the On the hunt hunt.
The next skin is also by Lanevo, but this time a gift in the MHOH (find the international female sign).
DQ skins has a lovely skin in their Midnight Mania board.
DQ Skins is also participating in the MHOH and if you find the hunt item at their store you will get these lovely blue eyes.
These skins are in a gfit box at the DQ skins store.
Silks & Passion has this skin hidden inside the MHOH item. Find it and the skin is yours :)
This skin and shape are a gift by Ruby in the MHOH. I am showing you the skin also on my own shape.
I found another shape & skin, also a gift in the MHOH. It is by Medesign.
I hardly ever blog shapes as I do not like the shapes in SL. Well I do not like MOST of them. I don't like the way the faces look, the lips very thick and blown up, a way too small nose and the mouth is never smiling. Usually also the shoulders are way too wide compared to the hips and the legs are too long and too thin.
I said USUALLY dear shape designers, so not ALL shapes are that way. A lot are very good ones, they are just not my style.
But I did a lot of hunting and I actually got a lot of shapes, so for those who like them, here goes.
This first shape is by Forme. They are participating in the MHOH but these 3 shapes are just gifts at their store.
The next shape is a gift in the MHOH and it is by We Heart You. Find the international female sign at this store to get this shape.
I found another shape at Tamiron Forge. Find the MHOH item and you will find this shape is inside it.
The next shop, also participating in the MHOH, was by Shapes by Mim. You just have to look for the international female sign ladies.
This shape is by BlondeQueen shapes. The BlondeQueen shop is also participating in the MHOH and again: look for the hunt item to get this shape.
Just a few more to go. I am showing you my own shape so you can compare.
Be Yourself has created a shape called Elle. They hid it inside the hunt item from the MHOH. So hop over and find it if you fancy this shape.

The last shape for today is by Anatomy and the shape is called 7 Sinns. It is a gift in the MHOH and I am not going to repeat what you should look for :)
I found 2 more items in this hunt. The first one are sexy brown eyes by Shapes by Ghia Tyles. Again a gift in the MHOH.
Last one for today are the really cool shades I found inside the MHOH item at Mortality. And that is the end...see you tomorrow.