Saturday, September 18, 2010

YAY Free dresses and boots


Hello ladies. Just sharing a few nice freebies with you today. Let me know if you like them?

First shop is Coco. They have a lot of group gifts and WOW they are amazing...a complete wardrobe for free ! You get the tube dresses in 4 colors, leggings in black and white, a ruffled skirt, lovely totebags and a cute red shoulder bag, booties, a lovely sweater, a berret, t-shirts, short jeans and a sheer bodystocking.

LOOOVE the booties...and the sexy leggings WOW really amazing !
Even the berret is lovely. Worth the trip there !
COCO is the place ladies.

I also went to Adam & Eve, ever since I got their cute newbie look (the girl in the polka dot dress, remember?) I am hooked on their style. They brought a new line out with make-up and you get the painted eyelashes for free. Look on the make up table and click the mascara (buy).

Then I visited Icing. Ohhh yes...loads of group gifts again. You will love them I am sure, because I love them too. Skins, shoes, hair and cute dresses AND they have a lucky chair ! Icing.

The jewelry is by Mariposa, the SKINS by Icing.
The shoes are color change at Icing.

The next shop I went to was ROC. Lovely dress as a group gift and very cute gloves in green for free. Aren't they CUTE?

I really LOVE those gloves...and the cute hair is from a MM board at Alli & Ali.

The last stop today was Beatnik. They give away 2 lovely pairs of flats, one is with a little strawberry :) and cute leggings are in the cupcake in the store.

Have a nice day and hope to see you back on my blog soon :)

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