Saturday, September 25, 2010

Japanese outfits, starters packs and loads of other finds...


Hello ladies,

I did the Make him over Hunt, took me a while so I wasn't very active blogging, but I stillf ound a few very nice things I want to share :) I hope you will love them too :)

I found this really cute shop with loads of Lucky Borads. It is Japanese style, they have plenty 1 L$ gifts in the store too. It is called Ray Skin.

These were dollarbies.
These cute outfits I got from the Lucky boards (they come with the hair).
The dress with the tiger hat comes with hair. And with the hats too. *giggles* (lucky Boards too)
And this sweater was a dollarbie too.

And these are the lucky Boards....they change pretty fast...

At Naughty and Nice I got a very sexy gift :)

Next shop I stopped at was Badoura Design. They have a few lucky chairs but also a load of freebies and dollarbies.

And these are the dollarbies or freebies

The cute hairstyles are by Lollipopz and were freebies at the Hair Fair. They have a MM board for group members in the store however (also for guys). And a few Lucky chairs too.
Couture Chapeau has 2 starters gift boxes in their store. one for guys and one for gals. I hear you say: BUT I am NOT a newby...the clothes are not too bad though :) Didn't try the skins, shapes etc. but I liked the clothes :)

Then I visited Myself Clothes at Fashion World. I am showing you the outfits I got there below.


These tops come in 7 colors, and the pants in 6.

The last shop I went to is calles Petit Pas and they gave away 3 lovely watches. OK you see only TWO...the other one was a guys watch and way too big for me :)
But why not surprise your BF with it?

HUGS to you all :) Roodvosje

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