Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dany French, Twatty Cake, Grumble and Ducknipple (and something EXTRA)

Sunday again and I have been busy finding more cute freebies and dollarbies. Dany French was a shop I visited first. They have really LOVELY dollarbies in so many styles. I picked a few for you but when you visit the shop there are many more for just 1 L$.

Then I went to Tw@tty C@ke and I got the subscribo gift SEXY ladies. Nice tube dresses in silver and gold.

My next stop was at Grumble. They have a MM board and a few lucky chairs and a cupcake. I wasn't lucky at the lucky chair, but I got a few nice skirts and pants from the Cupcake.
There is a hunt going on, 10 apples to find and they are quite easy to spot. In each you find a nice piece of clothing and in one even a tail and ears.

Both skirts and pants are from the Cupcake.

This is the apple you are looking for and below are the items from the apples (sneakers included).

and this is their MM board.

Last shop was DUCKNIPPLE. On the beach near their shop are 19 boxes with OLDIES. Most are free, 1 is 15 L$ and 2 are 25 L$. The clothes are older clothes they made, but they are ever so cute !!! I picked just a few, but the boxes are loaded with a lot of stuff.
The box on the left is 15 L$ and the ones on the right are both 25 L$.

Below are the free items (just a choice fo them though).
Skirts and different tops

Some boxes include T-shirts, some have Tops inside, some contain skirts and some have sweaters or hoodies inside. It is too much to put on one go over to Ducknipple and see for yourself :) They are all extremely nice.
HUGS from Rood

OK I closed this blog and then I found this more than elegant gown on SL Marketplace. It is only 1 L$ and comes with shoes, hair, jewels, skin and shape....WOW ! I really wanted to share it with you all

Isn't this the most elegant gown? On the left I am wearing the hair and hair roses too.

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