Thursday, September 2, 2010

2-9-2010 Wetherby's

Today I want to talk to you about Wetherby. It is one of my fav shops, not only because they have very cute clothes, but also because Mrs. Wetherby is a lovely and sweet lady. And a great friend.

She is a great designer and guess what? If you join her group (free) you get a FREE dress EVERY DAY !! So think about how fast your wardrobe will grow !

Look at some previous free dresses and gowns :

So incredibly CUTE !!!

This was the free gown of september 1st.

This is one of my FAVORITES, crazy about this dress with matching shoes and jewelry.

This dress on the right was the last dress I got in August. I got the matching jewelry too. WOW amazing !!!
Mrs. W also designs matching jewelry and SHOES. And I am crazy about shoes as you might know by now !!! So here are some of her fabulous shoes.
The shoes are only 20 L per pair and as you can guess I have PLENTY.

Keep on designing Mrs. W ! I  love you.
See you all at Wetherby ladies :)

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