Sunday, September 12, 2010

12-09-2010 Freebies and Hair Fair 2010 !!!


Girls I hope you did miss me. On my return I found this cute shop with a lot of gifts from designers. It is called Nederpoort virtual city. It was nice to get some free stuff and some dollarbies (but there are also items for 10 L or 20 L so be carefull what you buy !) All items shown below are at this LM and much more !

First of all: I got some really cute skins !

These skins are by Adoring charmes
You get a pack with several skin colours. The lower one are called Gabby and the top ones are called Hailey.

Then there is a special part by Seldom Blue. I love to go to their main shop, they have a few lucky chairs, but here they had a few nice items too (not free, mainly 1 L)

These tops are by Seldom blue too and they are free. The jewelry is by Wetherby, isn't it the best? Also free at Nederpoort ! Wetherby has shoes there too.
Look below for the jewelry and the shoes by Wetherby (free)

A&R design has a few lovely freebs there too. Take a look:
I am wearing the skin by Paper Rose on this pic (it is a freebie)

Outfit by A&R
Skin by Paper Rose

There are also a few items by Ear Candy and they are 1 L each:

Then I got some cute blue boots by DUH ...again free :)

This white dress is by Mercier

Then I got something really SILLY! A Mardi Gras outfit for free...don't think I am going to wear it much though.

Now to the HAIR FAIR !!!
There are 4 sims to go to but I will add the SLURLS to each designer tent. Just walk around to see the rest. (most designers give away freebs, some cost you 1 L)

First of all one of my favorites:

Another great designer: Calico has hair there too

The dress was a freebie at the hairfair too

The next shop I had a look at was by Gurl 6:

2 lovely styles :)

And yet another designer with great hair:

Again free hair at Audacity:

And Chichikie gave 2 lovely styles:

One comes with headphones :) And the red jewelry is free too at ChiChikie

Then I got a few freebs at Rock Candy

The next pics are just free hair from different designers:

Dernier cri

Iconic (Hair Joi)
Nikita Fridel (dress by Katat0nik, 1 L$)
F @ C (no surl) (comes with skin)


There are many more designers and many more hair ladies...just look around :)

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