Friday, September 17, 2010

While doing the Fashion Freaks hunt...


While I was doing the Fashion Freaks hunt ladies I found a few very nice group gifts and freebies I want to share with you all.

First shop I noticed was Adoring Charmes. They give their group members a lovely skin and 2 great dresses (the bikini is from the Fashion Freak hunt)

The skin actually looks a bit Asian don't you think?

The short hair is hair from the Hair Fair, the long curls are free by Analog Dog (freeball on the beach)

The next shop that had lovely freebs was Glitterati. WOW nice things there...join group and go to the first floor (or if you are american go to the 2nd floor)

All group gifts for Glitterati members ...and joining is free.
The cute shoes I am wearing on the pics above are by !!KKBB!! They are not free, 10 L per pair. They have a few Lucky Boards in the shop though (look at my earlier blog and look at the pic below)

These are shoes from !!KKBB!! Lucky board and free gift in store.

Then I was at SnowPaws...this store is HUGHE. They have a few slap and dash boards and look what I got from those:

Next stop was Rozena skins. I got a free skin from the Fashion Freaks hunt, but they also have a LB:

Then I stopped at Karnival. They have a lot of 1 L dresses as you can see here:

I bought the tops on the left

Last but not least I couldn't resist to pop over to Velvet Rythms. They have new stuff on their MM boards and look what I got !

This is a GROUP gift. Join group (free) and get the dress.

That is it for today girls...see you soon :)

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