Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1-9-2010 SKINS !! SKINS !!! and more SKINS !!!


I simply LOVE skins and while I was waiting at the Lucky Boards at Mother Goose I met Zaffra Seaside. We started talking about skins and she gave me some excellent LM for Lucky Boards, freebies and dollarbies...Thank you sooo much Zaffra !!! I have been busy taking pics everywhere...

Just have a look...

These are the lucky boards at Mother Goose. And guess what? I won a few !!!

They look quite nice don't you think?

Zaffra gave me the LM to Bounce and guess what I got a skin there too...not sure if I am going to wear this one though :)

Lucky Boards and MM board at Bounce

Then I went to some shops with some really crazy skins.
Mochi Mochi was the first one...

The next shop was ElfPyre. They have skins on the LB for elves, I wasn't lucky enough to get one, so you will have to do with a pic of the Lucky board.

Again another shop from Zaffra...Dimbula Rose. YAY I got a skin !!

These are the LBThe middle one :)

The next shop with again crazy skins is Miss Murder. They sell skins for 1 L or 5 L and a few are pretty crazy...the rest is actually quite normal. I bought a few ;)

Then I decided to go to a few of my own favorite shops. One of them is Cybernetics. They have lovely skins, all 1 L and you can get as many as you like without going bankrupt.
Take a look:

Another one of my favorites is [E-style]. They have a MM board and 2 lucky chairs. This time I wasn't lucky but I already had a few skins from the past.

Skins from the Lucky chairs at E-style
You can see the Lucky chair against the back wall, the MM board is on the ceiling.

I also LOVE to go to Rockberry. Not only do they have very nice skins, they have LOADS of skins with freckles !!! Most shops have just one or two...Rockberry has the upper floor with freckled skins :)
AND they have 4 lucky boards and a lucky chair. You get the MEGAN skins.

 At Aurora you get a free Twiggy skin. Don't know if you remember the model from the 60th...she was very slender and very pale and had hughe eyes. The skin is lovely.

Sunny Soon has some lovely group gifts, make up and skins AND 4 lucky boards ;)

Exodi has also lovely skins ladies. I am wearing them with my DUTCH bikini (did you notice??)

You get 12 skins in different tones called Isolde.

Last skin from my OWN landmarks is from FabFree...Glam Affair. The skin is free in the Fabfree shop. It is with tears :(
In their shop Glam Affair has also lucky chairs.

The last LMarks I got from Zaffra again. The skin at May is LOVELY. I wasn't lucky but maybe you are???

Then she gave me a LM from Ice Coco and BOY they have PLENTY lucky boards !!! Look at the skins I got there !! The letters change quickly so you don't have to wait too long. Couldn't get ALL boards on the pic...can you imagine that?

I got the skin with the bloody nose too, but didn't take a pic of that one.

The last LM (but most certainly not the LEAST one) is from Treasure. They have 3 LB and a Lucky chair and next to the boards is a box with a 1 L skin. LOVELY !!!

YAY I got one !!!!

THE END of the skins for today !!! I think you alll can find one of your liking :)

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