Tuesday, September 14, 2010

14-9-2010 All kinds of stuff


Hi girls, while browsing through my old landmarks I was wondetring if these old shops were still there and if they still had the nice things they had way back when I was a noob.
Just take a look:

The Gnubie store:

Artilleri at the Gnubie store offers cute dresses for free

Nyte & Day by Nyte Caligari offers also some really cute dresses and combinations with pants and tops. You will find also 1 L items at the Gnubie store, but I went for the free stuff.

As you can see Elate dresses are cute as a button and again free.
I love their dresses, they always bring a smile to my face :)

Shiny Things offers great jewelry,
Their necklaces are GREAT.

Eloh Eliot offers lovely skins at the Gnubie store.
And last but not least I got a few really crazy things: a green and yellow dress and a Snow Bear outfit. HEY !!! I hope you are not laughing now !!!

For the GUYS Bryce offers cute hair at Gnubie:

These are just 2 of the hairstyles.
Talking about stuff for guys: this Blog is actually meant for girls, but Wilsons is such a GREAT store. All their clothes are transfer, so ladies if you want to surprise your partner or boyfriend: you can give him some cute Wilson clothes. Wilson has a lot of freebies for group members and also a free outfit each month (wear your group tag).

And ladies guess what: the stuff from Wilsons looks also great on ME !!! (and on you too I bet)

I also went to Beauty Avatar. It is a hughe store with clothes for men and women, but they also have skins! And the best thing is: most of their things (including the skins) are only 10 L. Only the suits for guys are 20 L, but hey..it is still a bargain !

Yes that is me, looking at the skins
The 20 L suits

Next I got a LM from a Polish shop with a few nice freebies:
Cute dresses (the green one comes with shoes) and ...yes you saw it right HOLLY earrings...
It will be Xmas before you know it :)

I couldn't resist to have a look at BabyMonkey. I simply love their shoes and I heard they have new stuff in their MM boards and in their Lucky chairs. I was pleasantly surprised that they also had a few new freebies! Thank you so much Pixie :)

These are color change pumps !

And the shoes in the middle are also free and color change and they come with poodle socks :). The socks on the left and right are free too at BabyMonkey ! They have different tops and come in several colors.

If you are wondering where I got the cute flats: they come with a very cute outfit for free by Cynful:

Oh and I found free leggings by ~~AD~~ (shoes by BabyMonkey)

And last but not least I got a GREAT 1 L gown by Dany French Touch, the Gwenola:

HUGGERS from Roodvosje :)

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