Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coats and hats and boots and jewelry>>>>FALL is here


Yes Fall started and I found a few very fall items for free grab them if you are in fall-mood...

At DAMA I found a few very nice in boxes on the roof and they come in a lot of colors. A selection is shown below

You can also find this yellow dress there (the upside down tulip dress) but remember: They are on the ROOF
And you can find the cute sexy red dress in the shop !

Last but not least I found a cute skirt and 3 lovely Tees to go with the skirt, also in the shop near the cash register. At DAMA

Then I went to A.S.S. and joined the group. They give you some really CUTE hats and as a group gift I got a sexy BITCH T-shirt too :)

Aren't they the cutest?

I love Tara shoes and to my surprise I found a freebie by Tara...lovely booties in black and you get a free pair of socks to go with them. Perfect for Fall ladies !!!

DUH has cheap boots and shoes and a lucky chair loaded with gifts. But they also have very cute free jewelry (one was 1 L but hey...that is cheap enough, the rest was free)
The color is kinda orange, again lovely fall color. Don't you love the color of the leaves?

Mosaik necklace

Mother of pearl necklace

This one is lovely at the back too !

Lucky chair at DUH

There was a free 100 L$ gift card at Tart. I know that sounds quite exciting but the only thing in the whole store I could find for 100 L$ was a top shown below....
Still a very nice gift :) The LM leads directly to the hidden gift card, take a close look !

The skirt is the DAMA skirt.
That's it for today ladies...see you soon :)

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