Monday, September 20, 2010

Angelwings, Mariposa, SMS gift, Lelutka, Dama and Market Street


At Angelwings is a mini hunt going on and if you find all 18 little wings you get this LOVELY dress with a small fairy : I love it ! And if you don't find them all I am sure you will find the 2 free dresses in the shop :)

You all know by now that I love MARIPOSA jewelry but guess what: They have CLOTHES too and you get 6 lovely dresses for free. They are on the wall close to the Lucky chair and the MM board.

At SMS you get a lovely dark blue dress for free. Can't remember if it is a group gift, but it is lovely.

Then I got a very cute upside down Tulip dress from I LOVE it and it comes in several colors, but the orange/red one is free.

At Lelutka (Modavia Fashion Fair) you get 4 lovely skins for free at the moment.
Just take a look here:

Last but not least I spend a while browsing Second Life Marker Street and I found a few nice freebies or dollarbies. They are not excellent, but they are cute if you are looking for a simple outfit. And have a look. The LM are under the pics.

These are 8 tops and jeans by an unknown maker but you find them HERE
Sintimacy sexy outfits
Osmilla gown

Bonny gown.


White lace dress.

Have a nice day you all !!

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