Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SALE at LaRosa and stuff from The Trading Post and Vinyl Cafe


LaRosa has a hughe sale: everything 50% off. It means that their 10 L stuff is only 5 L at the moment. So if you really want a bargain...TP over and have a look.

This is the TP to the 10 L department (now 5 L only) LAROSA 10 L

Just a few examples from LaRosa
LaRosa also has a MM board..i was too late today...but maybe tomorrow? Usually it contains a 100 L gift card.

I jumped over to the Vinyl Cafe at the Dominion (go to the offers wall), they have a cute coat as a free gift and matching boots in their other store.

Then I was doing the Fashion freaks 2 hunt and landed at the Mustang Trading Post.They had a few cute freebies, like Bandana's and a belt as a gift. The Fashion Freak item was a very nice necklace with earrings. On the floor next to the free stuff was a gift from another hunt: a free paper and cup of coffee :)

This is me BLOND

That's it for today Ladies...enjoy :)

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