Thursday, September 2, 2010

2-9-2010 Sascha's Design

Sascha's Design, THE shop for me. Not only because I am support there, but also because it was the first shop I discovered when I was a very NOOB and had no Lindens at all. She gives away a free dress or gown every month at her group members and not just crap, but the most beautiful dresses and gowns.

Becoming a member costs you 50 L BUT you will get a free gown each month AND you will also get ALL previous gowns ! They are on the wall next to the monthly gown, some with their pic and the rest in black boxes. Don't forget to click them !

You don't believe me?
Take a look:

This was one of the group gowns from 2008 !!

september and februari 2009

April 2010Febr.2010

June 2010
And the most wonderful gown was the one when her group reached 5000 members! A lovely sexy red gown, free for all members (and still free for new members). It shows the different skirt options Miss Sascha includes in her gowns.

All shoes are by BabyMonkey from their Lucky chairs, lucky borads or group gifts.


Big Sucker

Sleek skirt

This is the wall with the black september gown on the left. The pics next to it are all previous dresses (don't forget to click the black boxes too)

See you all at Sascha's Design !!!

Miss Sascha is one of my great friends :) She is such a nut(like me) and she farts :) so don't stand behind her ....

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