Monday, January 6, 2014

What can you do with accessories ?

Hi there Readers!
Today a bit more Designer Circle on my blog, but also a lot from Marketplace. I just love to shop there, at the Designer Circle because they have great designs for a very low price, and on Marketplace because you can find so many goodies there!
But first let me tell you that I am playing around with Windlight settings and I am not good at it. And I am experimenting with taking pictures in different sizes in SL so they will look better. I am not good at that either :)
On top of that I have major PC problems (I purchased a new one, but it's not ready yet). So my pictures may look a bit strange. I know. No need to tell me :) I hope they will get better soon :)

So here goes. At the Designer Circle I found these great dresses called Diamond Heart dresses. They are by Hollyhood and you can chose a pink one or a black one for 99 L$ each! This round of the Designer Circle runs till January 11th so don't wait too long!
I know you are wondering where I got that lovely jewellery set? Well that is on offer at the Designer Circle too. it is by Baubles by Phe and you can grab it for just 100 L$ (earrings and necklace).
Then I found these very cute booties, which are also by Hollyhood. You can find them at the Designer Circle for 99 L$ per pair and they come in dark blue or black. I got the idea of finding some accessories on Marketplace due to the lovely jewellery set above and the cute booties below. These accessories can change your outfit so much!
So over to Marketplace. I found a set of awesome jeans on Marketplace, called Hippo jeans and they are by Yaya Binghi. They are just too cute to miss ladies, especially because they are free.  You get 3 different jeans, light blue, dark blue and black.
I wanted to style them with something special, so I grabbed the lovely and sexy sleeveless top by Edge Grafica, which is 1 L$.
But that was not enough. I wanted to wear some jewellery with this set and I stumbled upon a store that has some awesome jewellery for free. The name of the store is S*Mesh and the set I am wearing here it their Primavera set, which is colour change by touch set, earrings, necklace and bracelets. I have been playing around as you can see :)
That was not all I found at S*Mesh! They also have a LOT of great earrings for free on Marketplace! I will just put the pics below and the names will be the link to the website where you can get them.
LQ Earrings.
Frost earrings.
Lana turquoise earrings.
Hurem Earrings.
Steampunk Seahorse earrings.
Eye necklace and Pero Indian earrings
Lana Punk set.
Then I found this cute black dress there, which is by Dafnis. This elegant dress is just 1 L$ and the booties are included. Even a lovely necklace is included!