Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tameless new releases and some hunting to do.

Hi there Readers!
Today I have a lot of new releases by Tameless for you. New release Always means NOT free, so this will be a not so free blog. I also did a bit of hunting in the New Years Resolution 3 Hunt. In this hunt you are looking for a yellow pencil and there is a HINT & LINK page available, which is very helpful. The hunt runs till January 31st.
But let me start with tyhe new releases by Tameless. There are several new hair do's at the store and Tameless also has some great new outfits.
All the hairs come in 3 colour packs: Naturals with all 20 natural colours, Fades with 16 ombre and tipped colours, and Fantasy with 20 fantasy colours.  Each colour pack is $249.  The Mega Pack with all colours are $499L.
And the outfits by Tameless are all priced at $149L and include everything shown on package. Which means you get several colours clothing in one package, and the shoes or boots are also included.
This first outfit is called Snug as a bug and you get 3 different colours. The lovely hair is one of the new releases and it is called Yana. I am showing you the Fantasy pack.
The next outfit is called Wanted and it is again by Tameless. You get 3 colours in one buy. Each outfit is just 149 L$ and you get all, including the boots and the gun. The cute hair is a new release, called Gianna and I am showing you the Naturals.
And this outfit is called Classic Cutir. Again you get 3 colours, the choker and lovely shoes are included.
This lovely hair is also a new release and it is called Willow. This is the Fades version (just showing you a few options. You can get it at Tameless.
And this lovely hair is called Elsbeth and it has a lovely knot on one side. These are examples from the Naturals version.
And the last hair do is Ginny and it is again by Tameless. The hat is included and it is attached to the hair, so you can't take it off. The hat is colour change. And what I am wearing are again examples from the Naturals.
Over to the New Years Resolutions Hunt 3. You can find the HINT & LINK page her, which is very helpful. And you are looking for a yellow pencil. The hunt runs till January 31st.
If you can locate that pencil at #6 LC Designs, you will get this very lovely Boho gown. So go hunting ladies!!
This last one is hidden inside the yellow pencil at #7 Miss Jewell. You get a great pair of pants with a lovely top. But first you have to find that yellow pencil ladies!!