Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I just don't know where to start....

Hi Readers,
Sometimes I have problems finding free or cheap outfits to blog and sometimes there is so much that I don't even know where to start! This can change within days, but today I just have a lot to blog!
Let me start with the Designer Circle. Their 70th round runs till January 11th and you can find so many goodies there that it is totally worth to take a look there!
I found these great Heraclides trousers by Loordes of London at the Designer Circle for just 70 L$. These pants come in 5 great colours!
I styled the pants with the great leather Depeche jacket by Sascha's Designs. This jacket is NOT free (199 L$ per jacket), but it is an awesome jacket if you like that more tough look! It comes in several colours and you can personalise it by letting Sascha put text on the back of the jacket (100 L$ for the text).
I am wearing one of the Milou tops with this outfit, they are also by Sascha's Designs (NOT free, 170 L$ per pack of 3, long and short version).
The elegant necklace is a gift from the Peace on Earth hunt at Kunglers (find a globe with a white dove on it, the hunt ended, but it might still be there - it was still there when I was doing this blog).
Then I found out that 1 Hundred has some awesome tops on offer at the Designer Circle for just 95 L$ per set. You get a cropped top and 2 undershirts in either black or white. They are just awesome, and the colours are great! There is a choice of 4.
1 Hundred also has some great cropped sweaters on offer at the Designer Circle. Which - of course - are also great to wear with the pants above! They are 95 L$ each. There are 4 colours to chose from.
Over to WoW skins. They have 2 beautiful skins at the Designer Circle, for just 99 L$ each! The skins are called Rayne and Megan and they are just too good to miss (yes I blogged them before).  All WoW skins come with ALL appliers ladies.
But WoW skins also has a special sale at the moment in their main store. These 4 great skins are just 100 L$ each! This sale will last all through January, but don't forget to go there ladies, 100 L$ is a bargain for quality skins!
Over to one of my favourite places: Marketplace. I blogged the Hippo jeans yesterday, you get 3 awesome jeans in one package! I styled them today with a lovely Mickey Mouse sweater by Azaiea. And the shoes? Well they are free (just as the jeans and the sweater) and they are by Blackburns. The heels are colour change.
The next outfit ....the jeans are again the Hippo jeans, but the top, which is a blouse & vest is by LaFleur. It is perfect for winter, when you have to stay warm. I am wearing sneakers with this outfit and they are by Blackburns. They are colour change and I played a bit around to show you what is possible. The whole set, jeans, blouse & vest and sneakers are all free.