Friday, January 31, 2014

Ready for some more Allure??

Hi Readers, here is the rest of what I found at Allure....They are all group gifts and joining the Allure group is free.
Just one shop to visit....enjoy reading!
Allure Bandit denim jeans. Including jeans and black bikini
Allure Daisy denim shorts. Including white bikini, white tank top and red shorts.
Allure Daisy tank. Including ripped capri jeans and tank top.
Allure Rebel denim ripped jeans. Included bikini top and shorts and jeans.
Allure Siren Catsuit. Included Wetsuit, black bikini.
Allure Leather jacket. Included leather jacket and jeans. The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri, their Tres Chic set (NOT free).
Allure Ladies long sleeve shirt. Included bikini and shirt. The jewellery is part of the Kaya 2 set by Lazuri. (NOT free)
Allure Marylin mini dress.
Allure Mystique ankle boots and swim suit.
Allure Stink pretty Countess wrapped top. Included bikini and yellow wrapped top.
Allure Vintage zipper dress. Included dress and bikini.