Monday, January 20, 2014

Just having fun...

Morning Readers!
Are you sitting down with your morning coffee, ready to enjoy my blog?
Well I had so much fun today taking the pictures and Photoshopping them. Which ones? The ones by Icons of Style. They offer their poses at their own store, on Marketplace but also at the Designer Circle! The ones I am showing you are from the Designer Circle and they are called Snowball with poses. There are 2 versions available, each with 6 poses + 6 mirrored poses. Each set is just 80 L$ and that is not much for having fun! Don't wait too long though, the 71st round of the Designer Circle closes on January 24th.
Then I found some more poses at the Designer Circle. These poses are by Pink Insidious and they are called Sleazy Poses. You can find them at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ (6 poses).
If you are wondering what I am wearing during these poses: The lovely pink sweater is a gift in the New Years Resolutions 3 Hunt. You are looking for a yellow pencil in this hunt and if you can locate it at #14 C&P Casual Wear the sweater will be yours. The hunt runs till January 31st and you can find the HINT & LINK page here.
The jeans are from Marketplace and they are a pack of 2 (blue and black). They are free and they are by Blackburns.
If it is too hot for a sweater on your side of the screen, hop over to #8 in the New Years Resolutions 3 Hunt, which is Reverie. They have this fun tee shirt hidden inside their yellow pencil.
Back to the Designer Circle ladies. Pink Cherry has some awesome dresses therte on offer. Lovelt sequin halter dresses in 4 great colours! They are called Indira and they are just 100 L$ each.
Now if you are at the Designer Circle and you got one or more of these lovely dresses, why don't you have a look at the stand by Loordes of London? They have these awesome earrings on offer at the Designer Circle and they will go great with your new dress! There are five different ones and each set of earrings is 70 L$.
Over to my friend Nani's shop NS. She has released these great jeans for just 100 L$ per pair. The jeans come in several great colours, even a crazy oine is included. I styles the jeans with a lovely tank top by 7Five. You can find it in their Marketplace store for 75 L$ and it comes with a colour change hud, which means you get a LOT of options to wear this tank. The booties are also from Marketplace and they come with cuffed earrings and a lovely necklace. They are by Blackburns (free).