Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Designer Circle round #71 and my Marketplace finds.

Hi Readers,
Somehow I am not getting to blogging a lot of freebies lately, but I think the offers at the Designer Circle are just too good to miss! Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and they have so many different offers, ranging from poses to dresses, from shoes to jewellery, and even skins and shapes can be found there under 100 L$! This round runs till January 24th so you just have a few days left to go grab what you like.
And what did I find there?
These elegant dresses are by 1 Hundred and they are called Sweet Princess dresses. You can find them at the Designer Circle.The details are amazing, look at teh cute bows and look at the lovely sleeves. The dresses come in 5 lovely colours and you get a plain coloured one and a colour + white one in one buy! Each combination of 2 dresses (one plain and one in the colour + white) is 95 L$. The lovely jewellery is blogged below, it is from Marketplace.
Then I found this mix & match set by GraffitiWear at the Designer Circle. You can get a plaited skirt in red or blue, a shrug in red or blue and a sweater in red, blue or white. And you can mix & match all you like! Each item is 75 L$.
The next dresses can also be found at the Designer Circle. They are by B!asta and they come in 5 great colours. A lovely wrap dress, called Ganesha Palace dress, which is just 69 L$ per colour! You can't go wrong with those !
The lovely jewellery is the Tres Chic set by Lazuri, which is NOT free, but it is colour change so you can adjust it to all your outfits.
Then I took a short stroll along Marketplace just to find something FREE!  I found this great jewellery set by S*Mesh. You get a set of earrings and a necklace and a HUD to go with it. There are many options in the Hud, you can change the set into a lot of colours and textures. As a matter of fact into 24 different colours. Not bad for a free set!
And then I found this very cute Boho dress (mesh) by ZUF. This lovely dress is just 1 L$ and I am wearing the jewellery by S*Mesh with this dress.