Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Sunday

Hi there Readers, happy Sunday!
Today you will find quite a lot on my blog. First of all the new 60 L$ and the new weekly half price gown offer by Sascha's Designs. And then some awesome finds from Marketplace.
So let me quickly start with the lovely Lonneke gown, which is tyhe weekly half price gown offer by Sascha's Designs. This gown comes with 3 perfect skirt options. It comes in the colour purple, which goes great with every skin colour! For just 275 L$ it is yours this week only.
The lovely jewellery is the Massoom set by Lazuri (NOT free). This set is colour change, you can change the metal, diamonds and Pearls in colour.
The elegant skin and shape is Donna tan, cleavage option, make up #2 by WoW skins (NOT free)
And ythe lovely hair is Grace by EMO-tions ruby colour (NOT free).
Sascha's Designs also has 3 great 60 L$ offers each week. This week it is a beautiful gold glitter gown (mesh) with a lovely hat, a sweet cocktail dress in peach called Lulu and 2 warm scarfs which are perfect for cold winter days!
The lovely necklace I am wearing with the Gold Glitter gown is from Marketplace and it is by JPK (it is free).
Over to Marketplace. I found some really cool stuff again at my favorite place to shop. First some nails again. Yes I know...lots of nails on my blog, but I am just smitten by the SLINK Nail enhancer, which is 150 l$ (and the hands) And on Marketplave you can find so many elegant, fun and sexy nails for this enhancer, you won't believe it! These are actually Christmas nails and you get a hud with no less than 14 different nails for just 10 L$. They arte by CH and you can find them HERE.
Then I found this cute red and pink dress on Marketplace which is by Nightfire. It is free and the lovely lace stockings are included. I styled this dress with cute zipped flats which are also from Marketplace. You get a huge fat pack with a lot of colours for free. They are by Padling Melody. The lovely ruby necklace is also free and it is by Kaze.
I am wearing the zipped flats with this next outfit, which is by LB and it is called  Motion&Emotion mini jumper. The shirt is included.
The same zipped flats are worn with a very cute cropped hoody by Happy Undead. You can find it on Marketplace and it is free. The great jeans are by 7Five and they were free, but they are now 75 L$.
I just kept wearing those zipped flats as you get so many here I am wearing them with a great sexy latex outfit by Bliss Designs. Which was free and is now 50 L$. I don't know why designers offer their outfits for free and within a day change them to a larger amount, truely sorry for that ladies. However earrings, necklace and bracelet are included.
I hope the last outfits is still free. Let me is by CyGo and it is called Black Winter outfit. Ohh good that is still free! The lovely boots, scarf and mittens are included!