Saturday, January 11, 2014

Just a sad message.

Hi there Readers,
Today I got a note from one of the SL designers. Her store is called BSD and she is a shoe and hand bag designer. I will copy and paste below what she wrote.

BAD news, i need to do surgery really soon  to remove the lumps found in my Breast.
Dear friends and trend setters,
Sorry to inform you that i may not be online as frequent as before, sadly i
have found the lumps inside my right breast and micro-calcification on left one.
through my first annual mammogram check.
the Mammogram result shows the early stage of the breast cancer cells, and need
to remove as soon as possible.

So for your health, please please please check your breast with any hard
lumps montly, and go check with mammogram, as it starts at early age younger
and younger each year ! Girls not married without kids and have high pressure
work stress.without enough exercise and eat too much fast foods maybe the reason
to have breast cancer and abnormal cells. Don't eat chicken wings, which are
my favourite and chips.. and coke.. etc... i m skinny still caught this
bad shock... stay Healthy , my lovely ones!! god bless you!  stay away from the radioactive zones, polluted meat or canned food. burgers ,beacon, sausages. bbq meat , chips,instant noodles etc. these are high risk. etc..

SO i really need your help and hopefully with the donations and sales of this
shop can help out my finanical burden on this surgery and follow up checking stereosltatic core needle biopsy  operation and the follow up surgery in very near future.
luckily i found it at early stage and right now it is not fatal but need to do surgery. T^T very scary !
thanks for your help in advance.
babychampagne ..

She is having a 50% off sale, so if you need new shoes or a hand bag, please go there and spend a few lindens to help her in her battle against cancer.
You can find her shop HERE.

Thank you all.

Below are a few examples of her shoes. Prizes range from 175 L$ (for the orange shoes - top picture) up to 600 L$, but most shoes are 375 L$ per pair.