Sunday, January 19, 2014

Just an old fashioned A-bit-of-everyting post

Morning Readers,
On this lovely Sunday I was sitting behind my PC, thinking up a title for this post. But it is a bit of everything, 60 L$ items, Lucky  boards, Designer Circle, and group gifts. So hopefully you can find something on my blog you fancy :)
Don't forget if you follow a link from my blog: take a look around at the store. Some designers are depending in RL on the sales in SL, so maybe you can spend a few linden at the stores you visit.

Let me start today with WoW skins. They have this great Vanessa skin in milk tone on offer at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$. A shape and ALL appliers are included, and when I say ALL appliers I really mean ALL.

The lovely hair I am wearing today is Citrine by Tameless (NOT free) ruby colour.
WoW skins also has great GROUP Lucky boards and Midnight Mania board. Joining the group is 300 L$ but you get a new skin each month and all previous group gifts are still available in a box next to the new monthly skin. And you get to click those Lucky boards! The prizes change often, so by the time you get there there might be other gifts inside.
Allusions has a lovely new group gift ladies! You get great jeans in 2 styles. One is a more boho or hippie style, the othjer one is plain. And each pair of jeans comes with 3 different cuffs. Then a lovely vintage top is included too. Just a GREAT outfit!
The lovely jewellery is the Maysoon set by Lazuri (NOT free).
Allusions also has some awesome Bleeding Heart earrings for just 10 L$. There are many more earrings on offer there, but they are 159 L$. Which seems a lot, but they are colour change with a HUD so actually you get a whole pack of earrings for that price!
Over to the 60 L$ offers SLC has this weekend. Not much time left, you are right. But then again these outfits are just too good to miss ladies! They are called Mesh Urban Girl outfits and they come in a lot of great colours! Just 60 L$ this weekend ...and I am showing you the blue and the berry colour. The matching boots are included, so is the lip piercing!
The next sexy outfit is the new Midnight Mania gift by [[A.R.C. + F.N.]]. The target is just 50 so invite your friends and start clicking if you like to wear these sexy chaps. Next to the MM board are 2 Lucky boards too.