Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sometimes I just want CUTE

Good morning, afternoon or evening Readers!
Sometimes I just want CUTE, cute dresses, cute shoes, cute hair. Today it is dresses. And wow, Sascha's Designs has some awesome cute dresses for their new 60 L$ offers! Each Friday the 60 L$ offers change and so does their weekly half price gown offer! This week you can get the very cute Poseidon outfit in ink (including the beret) or the lovely Zerenade dress in Royal blue. Or the fun Admiral dress (Mesh) in black & white!
Earrings in pink by Pink Chery (NOT free)
Earrings hearts by Lazuri (Queen of Hearts set) NOT free.
The weekly half price gown offer is one of the best selling gowns by Sascha's Designs for half the regular price. This week the Teazy in baby blue is just 275 L$. Too good to miss this one ladies!
The lovely jewellery is the Queen of Hearts set by Lazuri, which is marked down quite a lot. You can find it in the Sales department of the store.
Then I went to Prim & Pixels to pick up their gift. A beautiful sweater, perfect for winter days! You get a HUD with it so you can change the sweater in 3 colours. For group members there are an additional 3 colours available on the HUD.
Another store with an awesome group gift is Boudoir. This lovely cocktail dress is yours if you are in the group. I joined a long time ago, so I have no clue if joining is expensive or free.
The lovely jewellery is by Virtual Impressions and it is their latest group gift.
My next finds are all from Marketplace ladies, which means they are either cheap, free or 1 L$. Let me start with this very cute Valentine gown by Chaotique. The gown is free and it is called My Valentine.
And this beautiful gown is called Ivory Fog and it is by Glaz DeCuir. 1 L$ for this beauty. The perfect bangles are by Paddling Melody and they are called Barcelona Blues set (free). You can weasr each bangle separate, but there is also a full option where you wear all bangles together.
The lovely nails are by Allusions (light tipped frost nails, 75 L$ for a fat pack with 33 colours). I blogged them HERE.
Then I found a coat. OK I am a sucker for coats and this one is just too good to miss. Well the coat was free and it was by Meli Imako, but it is a full perm one, which is now 250 L$. However I found the same kind of coat with a colour change HUD for 100 L$. This one is by TDH. 10 textures included.
The last thing I am wearing on this blog is a great set of pants, top, glasses, bag and boots  by Secret Inhibitions. It is totally free and it is just great to wear! It also is available in PURPLE, in GREEN and in SHERBERT. And they are all free.
The great matching earrings are blogged by me before HERE. They are by Zyn and you get a whole set for free.