Sunday, September 2, 2012

Would you like to walk in my shoes?

Today I got my PC back from the manufacturer and it works perfectly again YAY. I truely hope for all my readers that you will never ever get a Hijack trojan on your PC. It is awful.
So today I can blog all the things that lingered in my inventory on this PC and the blog will be hughe. And why the title? Well I found a LOT of shoes...
So let me quickly start with the newest group gift by BabyMonkey. These beautiful boots are called Nezumi boots Fall and you get all these lovely colors IF you are a BabyMonkey group member!
While you are at the BabyMonkey store don't forget to click the Midnight Mania boards AND take a look at the lucky boards at the store ! I got some lovely shoes there! I also got some great (mesh) clothing from the lucky boards upstairs! The jeans are from those lucky boards, the top is by Jane, the scarf (colorchange) by Mr. Poet and the bag is an older gift by Darkmouse (shop closed).
The bag I am wearing with the blue dress is an older gift by BabyMonkey. The necklace is the newest group gift at Virtual Impressions.

The next shoes are by Dirty.Little.Secret and they are their gift in the FFFH hunt. For info look at the hunt board at the store.

Another store that has a great new group gift is Hinako. They have this lovely dress as a gift and I styled it with the bag from Xen's Hats (hat will be blogged later) and with wedges by Pixel Mode (not free).
Hinako also released some great fun mesh tops ! NEW release, so not free!

Back to shoes. These great heels are a gift from the Midnight Mania board at Tara. They also have some GREAT bare feet on another Midnight Mania baord but I wasn't so lucky: it didn't close :(.
And these cute flats are the newest group gift by Isis Boutique.

Aidoru is taking part in the Twisted Hunt and their gift are these spikes. You are looking for a small rotating cube. Just find that cube of the Twisted hunt at their store ladies!
Another store that is taking part in the Twisted Hunt is Aeva/Heartsick. They have this special skin as a gift in the Twisted hunt. There is also a male version available.
Over to another hunt I was doing just before my PC collapsed. The Past & Future hunt. The hunt actually ended on August 30th so the gifts may no longer be available, but I still wanted to show them to you. You are looking for a clockface at the stores.
This first dress is the gift in this hunt by Kamiri.
The next dress is by Naughty Naughty and you just have to find that clockface to get it.
This dress is the gift in the Past & Future hunt by nMn design
And this lovely gown is the gift by Cero Style.
Artic Storm also has a lovely gown as a gift in the Past & Future hunt.
This beautiful gold dress is the gift by Shey. Just hoping the shop owners didn't remove the hunt gifts yet! Shey also has a great Marketplace shop...just take a look at those great dresses there.
This Hippie girl otufit is the gift by Winterwood design.
And you can get this cute backpack at Aphrodite shop if the clockface is still there.
These lovely necklaces are the gift in the Past & Future hunt by Always Eclectic.
Last one for today is Irrisistible shop. They have these 2 GREAT manhunter outfits as a gift in the Past & Future hunt.


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