Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The usual unusual mix...

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, something for each of my readers :) But first the skin that really I really fell in love with. This is the newest skin by WoW skins and it is called Mei. It comes in 3 skin tones: milk, midtone and tan. I am showing you the midtone and the milk one as they are my favorites. They really made me go WOW! New release, so not free, but the Wow group has great group gifts and a few group Lucky boards at the store, so considerto join the group ladies. The lovely earrings are by Lazuri.

To compensate for this non free skin I will show you a few that are free and these skins you can get from the many lucky boards at Mother Goose. The letters change every 3 minutes, and there are sooo many boards that I am sure you will get a few!

And these skins are a new release by Aeva/Heartsick. All skins come in several skin tones and with 3 cleavage options. You can also get a great shape (called Enchanted), which goes perfectly with the Aeva/Heartsick skins ladies. (NOT free).

Over to my friend Gaea. She has a new store, called Gaea Designs and she has put a Midnight Mania board there, a mini mania board and 2 lucky boards. And boy was I lucky, I got 2 of her great mesh designs from those boards. The lovely shoes are by Dirty.Little.Secret and they are upcoming group gifts (I will blog them later).

I found another skin ladies, called Queen of hearts and it is free at Orage Creations! They have a special sale part at the store, where the outfits are marked down and some are free. Be careful if you only want the free things, just look if you have to pay. I am showing you the freebies I found there (amongst them is the skin) and the HAIRS are 1 L$.

Last one for today is the lovely FALL collection which Tash Portos has released in her Dirty.Little.Secret store. It ranges from a very sexy My Boyfriends Shirt with suspender socks and heels to a sensible long sleeved blouse with elegant pants. But there is also a cute ruffled skirt and a flutter top! The price at Dirty.Little. secret is 800 L$ for all 12 pieces, and if you are a group member (enrollment fee 150 L$) you get a 50% discount so hop over and take a look if you want to be ready for fall ladies!

Dirty.Little.Secret also has the perfect Icons of Style outfits at their store. The full outfit is 200 L$, each item is also available separately. The shirts all have a celebrity on them. The ELVIS outfit is just 10 L$ until September 30th.
This is what Tash writes about the outfits: Each outfit includes:
* rigged mesh heather grey tunic tee in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) + alpha layer
* rigged mesh black with tonal fleur de lis leggings in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) + alpha layer
* non-rigged mesh black leather pumps with fleur de lis stitching detail (touch resize scripted) + alpha layer + shoe layer foot reshaper
* silver filigree spiral piercings