Friday, September 14, 2012


Let me start with something great. Sascha's Design has put up 10 lovely gowns in their main lobby for just 99 L$ each. They are all different in model and color, but they have 2 things in common: they are all the great Sascha quality and they are all just 99 L$. I am showing you just two, you have to go look for yourself !

Then my friend Jara from Aidoru released a more than beautiful wedding gown, complete with elegant flats and jewelry. Ohh I love this beauyful lace gown, I can see myself walking along the isle at the Kathedral, and my fiancee waiting at the if she only would sell a fiancee too! This lovely Whispering Bride gown is just 230 L$ for the time being, the jewely is 160 L$ for the time being.



There is a new event with Gatchas and it runs from September 12th till September 30th. You can find it at Cloud9 skygarden. Now what is a Gatcha? Most of the time a small machine which offers you products for a very low price. But you cannot pick which one you get, so you have to be a bit lucky. The Gatcha items are all transfer, so you can swap with your friends or send them as a present.
Below you can see a few examples of what is available at the event. The names are links to the STORES of the Gatcha owners, the event however is at Cloud9 Skygarden.
This lovely lipstick in many colors is inside the Gatcha by Oceane Body & design.
This great skin is inside the Gatcha by Deadfall Design (many tones inside the Gatcha).
You can get this lovely jewelry set from the Gatcha by N@Na.
And this lovely hair in many colors and with color change ribbon is by Hinako (inside their Gatcha).
The lovely hug pluchie is by Freaky design (Many more to get from the Gatcha).
And this cute Hug your heart out bear is by Zero Cool inside their Gatcha.
Zero Cool also has these great chucks inside their gatcha machine.
These clogs are by Loordes Design and they are inside their Gatcha.
Over to the last one of there Gatchas, the lovely key to my heart mouthies by [[A.R.C. + F.N.]]
I found some more shoes at Baby Monkey, but let me start with their great new group gift:  lovely Zodiac necklaces in silver, titanium and gold. Theya re just too cute and I am showing you my RL starsign.

Baby Monkey also has some great lucky boards at the store and below are the shoes I got from them. There are many more models and they are definately worth the wait. (the top is on the lucky boards too).

 I found another group gift at Azul, this lovely orange dress with 3 different skirts.
And this is the newest group gift at The White what a versatile lovely gown...You get so many options that it is very hard to chose how to wear it !!