Thursday, September 20, 2012

Come Sn@tch those bargains and hunt prices

Today I am simply going to start with a few gowns. I love to wear gowns in Second Life, just because you can't wear them that much in real life! And this lovely gown is by Dressed by Lexi. You can find it inside the #5 of the Finding Fabfree Hunt. The Hint & Link page is very helpful if you get stuck in this hunt!
So try to find the #5 at Dressed by Lexi and this lovely organge gown is yours.
The next gown is by Paris Metro and it is stunning. This gown is again a gift in the Finding Fabfree hunt and all you have to do is find that #5.
This next gown is the hunt gift by Prism and the gown is called Elia. Go find that #5 if you like this gown ladies.
Over to Alyssa Bijoux. They are also participating in the Finding Fabfree hunt and if you find the #5 at their store you can wear this lovely jewelry with the gowns above.
Another jewelry store is Two Sisters Jewelry. They have this beautiful jewelry set hidden insdie their #5 of the hunt.
Or you can simply go for some great earrings and these ones are the hunt price if you can locate the #5 at the Mustang Trading Post.
Over to This beautiful gown. It is a new release (so NOT free) by Treasured Sister Boutique. This gown is called GSC Garden Mesh Godess gown. The color is beautiful and the gown is simply stunning. New release so NOT FREE.
Now if you want to look your best while wearing these lovely gowns and jewelry, Aeva/Heartsick has released some beautiful new skins. I am showing you just a few examples and also a shape, just to let you see how elegant these skins are. Take the link to the store and look around, there are much more skins there.
This first skin is called Jaci Bare skin and you get 3 cleavage options. NEW RELEASED skins so NOT free!
This next skin is called Phoebe Lana, and again you get 3 celavage options. I am showing you the skin also on the shape Enchanted by Aeva/Heartsick.
Then I found these great shoes at the Designer Circle ladies. At the Designer Circle a lot of great designers put up one or more of their designs for just 100 L$ or less! And these shoes will go great with the gowns above! The shoes are by E-Clipse and you can find them at the Designer Circle.

This next dress is by S&C (Sugar & Cyanide) and you can find it at the Designer Circle. The dress is called Fine dress and it is just 1 L$. Pearls are not included.
And this dress is also by S&C and you can find it at the Designer Circle. This dress is called Hoodie dress. Pearls are not included.
The next outfit is also at the Designer Circle and it is also by S&C. This one is called Ready for Fall dress. Pearls and boots are not included.
If you are into piercings you can get this nose piercing at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ or less. You get 2 colors and it is by Phoebe.
Phoebe also has this facial piercing at the Designer Circle and also a belly piercing, which is just 1 L$.
Over to the last one from the Designer Circle and this is by Gorgeous. They have this set at the Designer Circle with lace socks and hotpants. The elegant top is by Jane and it is free.
Last one for today is Sn@tch. My friend Kayt told me that they have changed their lucky board items and wow, you can get some great stuff there ! Look below ladies! Thank you so much Kayt for this tip.