Sunday, September 23, 2012

These boots are made for hunting...

I still have to blog a lot of the Finding Fabfree hunt ladies, which ends on September 30th. So you have 7 days left to get the generous gifts of the participants in this hunt ! But before you start hunting hop over to Aidoru and take a look at their newest release!
These Iguana boots are fabulous, and they are just 120 L$ for the time being, so grab them before they are set to the regular price! They are MESH which means you need a mesh viewer to see them, but really you sould not miss them in your inventory! You can find them at Aidoru.

And now over to the Finding Fabfree hunt. I will give you the HINT & LINK page again, which is so helpful if you get stuck. You have to find a #5 at the participating stores ladies.
First I will show you a few more gowns I found in this hunt. This first one is by Wild Serenity and it is a lovely pink gown. Just find the #5 and it is yours to wear!
This next gown comes in a lovely beige tone, perfect to wear to every fall dance. And a perfect background for all your lovely jewelry! It is the hunt gift by Mind Games and it is their gift in the FFH. The diamond choker is included, the bangles are an older gift by YS&YS at the Deck.
This beautiful red and pink/purple gown is the hunt gift at Slacy. The #5 is not that hard to find ladies and isn't this gown worth a little search?
The last gown is by B&T Mesh studio and it is a mesh gown. You can find it inside the #5 at the store.
Over to eyes. I actually found a lot of eyes in this here goes for those ladies who like to change their eyes...these first eyes are by The Plastik and you get a hughe pack if you can find the #5 at their store!

These next eyes are by Mayfly and they are soooo if you like blue eyes ladies go find that #5...They come in 4 sizes.
Last eyes are by A.S.S. and they are a bit scary. They come with the make up...and it is their hunt gift in the Finding Fabfree hunt.
Enough with the eyes...let me show you some sungalsses which protect your eyes from the sun. These glasses are the hunt gift by Shadz.
Then I found some really cute little dresses in the Finding Fabfree hunt. This one is by Graffitiwear and the lovely jewelry is included. Just find that #5 ladies to get this fun red dress.
And this fun dress is by Devlish Design. It is hidden inside the #5 at their store! The lovely necklace is also a gift in the Finding Fabfree hunt and you can find it inside the #5 at Kosh.
This next dresses are by The Plastik...and yes you get the eyes there too (look above) but also these 2 great dresses! So hop over, wear those hunting boots and get going ladies ! Bangles by YS&YS (not free) and the necklace is by Mezzo (shop closed).
Then I found this cute black dress inside the #5 at Chica Boom. Ohh we all need that little black dress ladies. The cute umbrella and poses are the gift in the Finding Fabfree hunt by Co*Motion.
And these great poses are by Ilaya and they are called Cupcake poses. You also get the fun cupcake mouthies if you can locate the #5 at the store! Tank & leggings are by Jane!

This cute outfit is the hunt gift insid ethe #5 at Wild Serenity. A lovely white harem pants set with a cute jacket. The only thing you have to do is find the #5.
And the last one for today is by K2K. This outfit is called Union Jack outfit and it is their gift in the Finding Fabfree hunt. The cute sneakers are included.