Sunday, September 16, 2012

Skins, make up, hair

Today lots of skins, hair and make up. Let me start with the lovely group gift by Filthy. The group members get a fatpack with blushes, freckles, lipgloss, lipliners and lashes! Look below ladies!
Over to the Finding Fabfree hunt. I will give you the link to the HINT & LINK page again, it is reallt helpfull if you need a hint. You have to find a #5 in this hunt, which is sometimes really small, or really big, but it is not extremely hard to find !
Let me start with the lovely skins Rockberry has hidden inside their #5 of this hunt. You get a hughe pack with 4 skintones and each tone has a variety of options you can chose from, like a larger or smalle cleavage or darker or lighter eyebrows and YES ! FRECKLES !!!

Another store that has a skin hidden inside their #5 is Style by Kira. They give you one skintone (fair), but you get several cleavage and freckles options !
The next skin is hidden inside the #5 at NousVous, a beautiful skin called Phoebe. I love the lips ladies...go find that #5 if you like this skin too!
Envy me is also participating in the Finding Fabfree hunt and if you can locate the #5 at their store you will get this elegant Lisbeth skin in fair tone.
The next skin is the one I found at Orage Creations. The #5 is not that hard to find, use the hint & link page if you need help or join the Fabfree group!
Over to the last skin I found up till now in the FabFree hunt. This one is the gift by Nvious by Flawless and it is called Nicole fair. Hidden inside the #5 ladies!
I am wearing the Flawless skin with 2 shapes I found in the Fabfree hunt. The first shape is by Vivid Avatar Shapes. It is a very tall shape, with a narrow waist and big boobs. You just have to find that #5 to get it!
The second shape is by DJ Design and it is called Autumn Shape. This shape is much smaller with smaller boobs. Hidden inside the #5 !
I also found a few great tattoos in the Fabfree hunt! These ones are by NiNight Creations and all you have to do is find that #5 to get them !!
The next top & tattoo are by Insatiable Fashion and they are also a gift in the Fabfree Hunt.
Over to hair. This lovely hairdo is by Hinako hair and they have put it in the Fairy Closet. The Fairy Closet is a store where a group of designers put one or more of their items for 100 L$ or less and you can get this cute Bunny hair there!
Then Alli & Ali hair changed their group and voting gifts on Friday. The gifts change every Friday so don't wait too long to get the hair if you like it!! Below are the newest group and voting gifts.
Alli & Ali Hair are also participating in the Petites Hunt and if you are a petie and you find the hunt item at the store you will get this lovely hair.
Then Alli & Ali have a lot of gifts in their Marketplace shop. Like this lovely Serafine hair. The gift offers on Marketplace are just for a limited time, so please don´t wait too long to get them !
Or this great Fianna hair.
This lovely Miley hair is also free.
And you can get this Nyx hair on Marketplace too.
Last one for today is Sarah hair, also free on Marketplace.