Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What women want...

I was looking at the pictures I took from all goodies I found and the title just popped into my head...this is what women want! Anyway it is what I want and I am a woman after all. I want this elegant new release by Sascha's Design. It is a dream gown, soft pastel tones (comes in 9 soft tones), many skirt options, lovely bolero in tulle and gloves...just a gown to die for. The Name? Garbo, ladies and it is a new release so NOT free. At the moment 4 colors are marked down to 449 L$ though. The hairpin is by Aidoru (blogged yesterday, 140 L$ for the first week, then 160 L$). And yes, I made an attempt to make a picture with a background (not showing you all the options of the gown). Let me know if you like it?

This lovely dress is the newest group gift (September) at Ashmoot ladies. Sexy lace in a lovely cream color...to die for :) sooo sexy!
Then I found these GREAT shoes as a gift in the Twisted Hunt at Bliensen & MaiTai. You are looking for a rotating cube in this hunt and you can find all info HERE.
I read this line somewhere: Nothing can make things right better than a new pair of shoes. So I went to look for shoes and heard from my friend Kayt that Lindy shoes has some great shoes. Lindy shoes are participating in 2 hunts at the moment, the Harvest Moon hunt (find a leaf) and the Top Shelf Style hunt (1 L$ for the hunt item, find a cocktail glass). You have to find a leaf and a cocktail glass at Lindys to get these 2 gifts and you have to be patient for your letter to show up on the lucky chair.
TTS hunt gift
HMH hunt gift

On the other side of the street at Lindy is another shoe shop, called [M] shoes. They have a lucky board at the store from which I got the shoes below. The gems on the shoes are color change with a hud.
And they have a midnight mania board too, but it didn't close when I was there! There are some great booties on that board though, so send me a TP if you are clicking it.
I went to the starting point of the Twisted hunt, but I couldn't find the cube there. I landed somehow in a maze (yes, believe it or not, I got LOST) and finally I came to this store called Netherworld. They had loads of gifts from previous hunts at their store and also a hughe dollarbie (1 L$) box with clothes. Look below!
This dress is from the Macabre hunt. (tattoo included) All these hunts ended, the gifts are in the little cupboard.
This dress is from the previous Twisted hunt.
This dress is from the Tained hunt.
These are just gifts.

And these outfits are all from the 1 L$ box.

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