Friday, September 21, 2012

Let's go shopping...

Let's go shopping ladies, it is almost weekend after all. I like to shop on Marketplace, so I did some quality shopping there. I also found a few great group gifts and hunt items. And I still have a few goodies to blog from teh Designer Circle. So I will quickly start while you get your TP fingers ready.
First click the link to 22769. They are participating in the Autumn Effect Hunt which runs fromSeptember 15th till October 15th. You are looking for an icehockey puck (I think) and if you find it at 22769 you get this great slip on sweater (mesh).
I styled the sweater with pants by Awram Vie (lucky board), a lovely bag by Ricielli (group gift, joining is free) and bangles by YS&YS (gift at The Deck, long time ago).
Then 22769 has a GREAT new group gift. It is called Good morning gorgeous and allas, the guy is not included.
22769 also has a new item at The Gallery Gift shop. You can get it till October 14th and the whole outfit is 190 L$. The lovely necklace is called Queen of Hearts and it is by Lazuri. Gems and metal are color change and the best thing is the set is for sale atm for 150 L$ ! You can find it HERE.

Another group gift are these skins by EnvyMe. The skins are called Nana skins and you get 2 make up versions and 2 cleavage options.
To wear with these lovely skins you can get some hair at the Designer CircleCalico Ingmann Creations has put some great hair there, 2 styles for 100 L$ and one for just 1 L$. This first hair is 100 L$ and it is color change with a hud. The hair is called Felicity. It's so much fun!
And this hair is also 100 L$ and it is called Marcie. Available at the Designer  Circle.
This lovely long hair is 1 L$ and it is called Cirrus II. You get a pack with all colors. You can find it at the Designer Circle.
Over to Marketplace. I know I blogged these boots before, but they are still great and for those ladies who missed them: they are totally free. AnaLee Balut is the designer and you can find them HERE.
The next shoes are all from Marketplace and they are simply fun to wear. These ones are by West Coast Influence (WCI) and they are 1 L$ each pair. They are really hard to adjust (skintone) so you have to be experienced in using edit ladies. The white platform skull pumps HERE and the leather strap sandals HERE.

The next shoes are by Roly-Poly and you get this version but you can take the bow off or wear a dotted bow with the shoes. I think they are really vintage.
The next pair of cute red booties is by A&A and you have to pay 1 L$ to get them. They also have a white version.
Over to something else: Latex boots in teal. They are for the dare devils amongst us, but they are cute and just 1 L$. They are by Ayara and you can find them HERE.
I also found a few very great dresses on Marketplace. What do you think of this cutie? It is by Kakia Design and it is mesh. The peeptoes are included. 1 L$ for this lovely dress. The lovely earrings are by JCNY and they are free.
The next dress is by VCM and it is their group gift, but you can find it on Marketplace. The lovely earrings are also on Marketplace and they are by JCNY and they are from their newest fall collection. And they are free.
Then I did some more hunting in the Finding FabFree hunt. The hunt runs till September 30th so you have still time to find the #5 at the participating stores. The HINT & LINK Page is very helpfull if you get stuck. I didn't get stuck at FBC (Fabienne Bollisima Creations) where I found this cute outfit hidden insid ethe #5 of the FFH. The boots are included.
And Fabfree Headquaters has a cute skybox inside their #5 (which I blogged before) but also this great shoulder bag, which you can wear with ot without the tag!
Then I went to Anymore and they have this cute outfit as a gift in the FFH. You only have to locate the #5 at their store to get it ! The cute wedges are by Pixel Mode (NOT free)
Another top & pants gift is this one which is by Electric. The #5 isn't that hard to locate so why don't you give it a shot if you like this outfit?
I will end with some fun stuff I found in this hunt. This fun mini avatar is by Curious Kitties, including the clothes. It is their gift in the Finding Fabfree Hunt.
And this fun shoulder dragon is the hunt gift by Booshtopia. All you have to do is look for that #5.
The sweet shoulder kitten is by KittyCats and it is their gift in the Finding Fabfree hunt,