Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to the 60th

I was so surprised to see this great dress and jewelry by Aidoru. Jara has gone completely back to the 60th with this great hippie outfit! Only 160 L$ for this great gown and  150 L$ for the jewelry ladies !
I styled the outfit with some free hair by Edelstore from Marketplace. It is no longer free but they have a hughe box with similar free hair HERE or this hairstyle HERE.
Hugo told the Fabfree group about this great free hair, also available on Marketplace and it is by Elikatira. You get a box wirh 2 hairstyles and ALL tones. Just showing you 2 of the red tones.

Hugo later told me about another great hairstyle, also free on Marketplace. It is MESH hair though so you need a mesh viewer to see it. The hair is by TC and you can find it HERE. Thank you so much Hugo (and sorry for not putting your complete name here...)
If you are wondering where I got those GREAT bare feet I can tell you they are from one of the Midnight Mania boards at Tara. You get not only the feet, you also get the sandals! And believe me: they are GREAT! The board didn't close on me but you also can buy those sandals & feet for 200 L$ in all colors. Or just get all your friends in, look at the great shoes and ten start clicking.

And if you don't like bare feet, you can also pop over to Lindy's and stand a while at their lucky chair. They have great shoes inside, like these cute flats. The letters change every 6 minutes and the gifts change too.
Eyelure has 2 great new 50 L$ offers in front of their store. You can get the great set of make up layers, perfect to wear with all your outfits. Or the cute sleep teeshirt....

Then I found these great vintage lipsticks with mole at The Designer Circle, they remind me so much of those hippie days. They are by HeadTurners and everything at the Designer circle is 100 L$ or less, so it is worth to take a look around !
HeadTurners also has these great card play nails at the Designer Circle ladies!
While I was at the Designer Circle I also got these GREAT skins by Step Inside. There are 3 skintones available and you can chose 2 cleavage options. The skin are 99 L$ per tone. The skins are called Mailika.
Step Inside also has some beautiful eyes at the Designer Circle ladies. The eyes are 50 L$ each.
I am wearing the beautiful Step Inside skin with the shape by Anna Shapes, called Brook and it is available at the Designer Circle for 80 L$.
There are some more goodies at the Designer Circle ladies. How about these beautiful earrings by Phoebe? They are just 1 L$.
Phoebe also has these great piercings at the Designer Circle. You can chose from lip pierings or belly piercings, both come in silver & black. 75 L$ for each piercing ladies.

I also did some hunting today. I stumbled over the homepage of the Summer Harvest Hunt (SHH) and I thought: why not? So I started hunting and wow, there are some great gifts in this hunt !! Like this great photostudio in fall colors with fall leaves by BENT. There are several poses available in this studio.

I was wearing the hunt price in the Summer Harvest hunt by Sugar & Cyanide while taking these pictures in the BENT gift. A lovely pumpkin colored dress...perfect for fall.
In the Summer Harvest Hunt you are looking for an acorn, which is sometimes really SMALL. There is a link & hint page HERE which is very helpfull.
The last one for today is also a gift in the Summer Harvest hunt and this time by Doolally. Find that acorn at their store and this great cottage is yours!!!