Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday ...a perfect day to go shopping in Second Life.

Well actually each day is a great day to go shopping in Second Life, especially if you don't have to spend a fortune!
Today I am going to start with something I hardly ever blog: a skybox. Dirty.Little.Secret has hit the 700 members in their group and Tash Portos is giving all group members this GREAT skybox, including the furniture. WOW what a gift! Thank you Tash and congratulations with your group!

Another skybox is the gift in the Finding Fabfree hunt, at the Fabfree Store.
You can find the HINT & LINK page here, which is a great help if you are trying to find the #5 at the participating stores.
At the Fabfree store youc an find a HUGHE one. And inside is a lovely bag (I will blog that one later) and this skybox! Thank you Trinket!

Over to Dressed by Lexi. They are participating in the Top Shelf Sale hunt (TSS) and they have this great gown as a gift inside the cocktail glass (the hunt item in this hunt). The lovely shoes are included.

Then I found the pocket watch at Asteria Creations. You get this lovely pink dress if you can find it too!
Then I went back to the Finding Fabfree hunt. I went to Hudsons Clothing and found this great dress inside their #5 from this hunt (see the HINT & LINK page above if you need help). The lovely clutch is included.
Another sweet dress is the gift by J Stylez.  You get the top & skirt and the bracelet too! You just have to find that #5 at the store!
Over to Opium. They are also participating in the Finding Fabfree Hunt and they have a male and a female gift hidden inside their #5. The male gift is a shirt, the female one a cute dress...I am wearing them both :) Just go find the #5 and you can wear it too!
There are some more great tops to find in the Finding Fabfree Hunt. Like these ones, which are hidden inside the #5 at Dot Be Fashion. One of them is the male gift, the other one the female gift.
Or these tops, they are the gift by Somnia. You get 3 different colors and all you have to do is find that #5.
I found quite a lot of pant & tops combinations inside the #5 of this hunt ladies.  So for those who like pants pay attention! This set is the gift by Allusions. You get HIS jeans and 2 different tops, which you can wear layered. But there is also a male gift, great jeans ! I styles them with the gift by The Strawberry Box, a lovely pink top. The sneakers are from my own inventory (no longer available).

The next sexy pants & top (and tattoo) are by Barely Legal. All you have to do to get this set is find the #5 at their store ! The hunt isn't that hard ladies.
American Bazaar is the next shop in this hunt. They have hidden a #5 at their store too, and inside they put this lovely gift below! (shoes are from my inventory and no longer available in SL).
Some more pants & tops? This one is the hunt gift at Amour Fashion. A lovely top with a beautiful print and the great capri jeans...perfect for fall. Find that #5 !
DCNY is also participating in this hunt and they have this great pink top hidden inside their #5 of the hunt. If you want to wear it too, go hunting girls.
The se shorts with the cute top are the gift by HellBop. HellBop has these great 50th clothes and it is a joy to shop there (well I do like vintage...) But to get this outfit you have to find the #5 at their store!
Last one for today is the Flash My Bra top by Sleeping Koala. I love this top, the vcolor is perfect and I love the bra showing. It is the hunt gift inside the #5 at the Sleeping Koala store go hunting !

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