Friday, September 7, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a little bit of love

Can't help it but the blog for today will be just a bit of everything. Some new releases, some Midnight Mania boards, some lucky chairs, some hunt items, some hunting. So take your pick ladies, get what you like and enjoy my blog.
Let me start with he lovely new 60 L$ offers by Sascha's Design. She has 2 new offers each week and they are all gorgious. Look at that beautiful green gown or the great tops. How can you resist those for just 60 L$?

And the next stop is Purple Moon. They have these great dresses at their mainstore for just 55 L$ each!
Over to Cilian'gel. They are participating in the Finding Fabfree hunt. Fabfree is celebrating their 5h Birthday and they have a GREAT hunt going on. WOW there are so many great gifts in this hunt...CONGRATULATIONS FABFREE and please stay the way you are, a great group and a great store and the best for new arrivers in SL.
The hint & link page for the FINDING FABFREE HUNT is HERE and it is very helpful!
If you find that big 5 (which is the hunt item at Cilian'gel then this lovely 30th Charleston dress with the elegant wings AND a cloud to sit on is yours! I am standing on the cloud because my feet disappeared in the cloud while sitting.
There is also a male gift available.

Another store which is participating in the Finding Fabfree hunt is 22769. They have hidden this beauty inside their big 5. You just have to find it!!! Necklace and bangles are not included and no longer available.
22769 is also participating in the Summer Harvest Hunt. You can find a hint & link page HERE. An what you are looking for is an is sometimes very small!  But the gifts are so worth it!!!
The beautiful bangles I am wearing with the dress above are a new group gift by Haysuriza. Joining the group is free and you get not only these elegant texture change bangles, but also a pair of great (male) shoes! Thank you Tammie for this great hint !

I am wearing the bangles with the cute top that Eclectic has hidden inside their acorn from the Summer Harvest hunt. I played around with the textures and colors of the bangles so you can see what is possible!
Another hunt at 22769 is the Steam 7 Hunt. If you find the hunt item at the 22769 store you can wear thiese great worker boots!
 22769 also participates in Fameshed. They have crafted this beautyful outfit for ladies for this designer group and you can get it HERE.
Back to the Finding Fabfree Hunt. Paris Metro is participating in this hunt too and WOW ....I was so amazed about the gown they have put inside their big 5 for this hunt! Come on it is not that hard to find the #5 ladies and don't you WANT this gown? This is drooling material!
While you are at the Paris Metro store, take a look at their newest releases!
Rose has released this beautyful gown called Rikki Tikki Tave. 400 L$ for the first week.
And this gown is also a new release by Paris Metro, called Gold Leaf.
The last one by Paris Metro (yes another new release) is called The Peacock Complaint. This beautyful gown comes with 3 different skirts and it is simply stunning!! No wonder the peacock was complaing, this gown is way more beautiful than a peacock!
Over to some more hunting in the Summer Harvest Hunt. You are looking for an acorn at the participating stores and if you find that acorn at NiNight Creations you get this GREAT sweater dress! Necklace is by Eyno (not included).
The next store in this hunt with a great gift is Intrepid Design. They have this lovely mesh dress hidden inside their acorn. The beautiful necklace is by Aidouru.
Asteria Creations is participating in many hunts and I found this beautiful gown inside the clockface of the Past & Future hunt at their store!
Over to NS design. They have this cute sweater as a September Group gift at their store !
And my friend Grace Selene told me about the newest group gifts at Opium! WOW they are great Grace, you are right! 2 lovely mesh dresses ladies and joining the group is free!

Last one for today is the Mini Mania gift I got at Viviane Fashion. What a nice outfit and even the boots and jewelry are included!


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