Monday, May 21, 2012

Gowns and shoes just make me happy!

And beautiful gowns make me even more happy! Like this elegant gown by The White Armory. It is their newest group gift (joining the group is free).
And Azul also has a new group gift, this elegant gown.
There are some more group gifts at several stores, and yes I know I am late blogging them, but I was away for 3 weeks...This elegant top and pants set is by Morea Style. They also have a Midnight Mania board with the lovely top in pink on it.

This lovely Sea Shell gown is by Paris Metro and it is only available at the Santorini store (the link will land you there). It is NOT FREE, but it is such an elegant gown, perfect for summer.

The next 2 gowns are also by Paris Metro. They are made in honor of 2 great SL artists. The top one is called Vasilliki Kappa, the lower one is called Kayli Lali. Both are available at The Gallery (NOT FREE).

Then I got some really nice new shoes ...some for free and some not for free :) These first ones are by Mary Jane shoes and they are their newest group gift.
These next shoes are by Aidoru and they are called Star Mules. You get a hud with them with 3 different color options and with options to change the metal and nail color to! 150 L$ for each.

Viviane Fashion has these lovely shoes at their store, beautiful sandals called Forever Mine and fun sneakers called Sunshie. 25 L$ for each pair.

And these shoes are by ChOoOz. They are their newest group gift. The purple shoes below are the ChOoOz gift from their Midnight Mania board.

Over to Urban Girl. They have released MESH pumps and sneakers and flats (not mesh). You can find the Isadora pumps HERE, and the Dolly sneakers HERE, and the Regina Ballets HERE. Each set is 10 L$.

The last shoes for today are by Felicity and they are their newest group gift , as they reached 3000 members, and 2 of their older group gifts. Congratulations Felicity! And thank you for the lovely gifts.
To get the 3000 member gift click the barrel like thing with the white top at the store. Took me a while to figure that out.

Over to a lovely skin to wear with your beautiful gowns. This elegant light skin is by JeSyLiLo and it is their newest group gift! Isn't that an amazing skin? There are also some free skins at the store.
If you want to go out in style you need some great jewelry to complete your gowns. This awesome set is a new release by Beautycode. The set is just 150 L$ and it comes in a lot of great colors. So why not get all?

This purple set with pansies is the newest group gift by Virtual Impressions. It is an elegant set, perfect for summer parties and summer gowns.
Last one for today is the great new group gift by M's Avon. They have this earrings and bracelets set for their group members and the rings are a gift for everyone. I love it.

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