Saturday, May 19, 2012

Some hunting is always good..

I love to hunt and I know there are a lot of you that also love to hunt. But for those who never did a hunt I will blog a very easy hunt today! With great prices, so it is worth to try it ladies ! But let me start with the lovely group gift by Purple Moon. They have reached 14.000 group members and this is their gift to all group members. Congratulations Purple Moon !
When I was at the Purple Moon store I also got these lovely ethnic earrings for free. There is a raffle going on and if you are lucky you get a lovely gift :) Thank you so much Purple Moon :)
Then I got this top by Hucci. It is their subscribo gift and it is not only the top, it is actually a complete dress. not for users of a non mesh viewer.
The next top is also MESH and it is by LaRosa. They are 4 years in SL and they thank all their group members with this elegant LOVE top. Congratulations LaRosa and thank you so much :)
BeautyCode released a lovely new skin to wear with all your lovely outfits ladies. It is called Anastacia and it comes in many make-ups from nude to a heavy smoky eye. THere is also a Anastacia shape to go with this skin. A NEW RELEASE, so not free!

Over to the hunts. These great shoes are the hunt item at Oh Shoot. The hunt is called Cleaving Cliches Hunt. So ladies if you like these elegant shoes go hunting, the shop is not very large and I am sure you can find the hunt item, which is a green star, and it will cost you 1 L$.
The easy hunt I was talking about is a SIM hunt at Moonstars. The hunt is called Shell Seeker Hunt and there are 20 shells all over the sim. Inside the shop and outside. The shells are blue and rather big, quite easy to find.
Inside you will find some complete outfits, some tops and some pants.
So if you never did a hunt before this is a GREAT one to start with. Just touch the shells and you get the present!
And below is what I found there.
Burgundy Angora outfit.

Deep blue outfit
Lilac catsuit
Magenta lace catsuit

Soft aqua outfit

Denim Pinnie

Brown leather dress and Lazuri Queen of hearts jewelry.
 Blue charmes gown
 Brown cross over top
 Jazzy cat shirt
Zombie cat Teeshirt 
 Black butterfly top
Black lace top

Leopard top

 Beachcomber top and blue embossed jeans.
White lace top and pinstripe jeans

White lace wrap and lace top.

Moonstars also has a lucky board at the store and I got these 2 outfits from the lucky board.