Thursday, May 17, 2012

And I am back again :)

So for who ever missed me  or my blog over the last 3 weeks: I am back...and as I was away and could not use a PC....there was no blog for you to read. But wait a few days and the blog will be filled with goodies again.
Oh you think I have nothing to blog? You are sooo wrong !
The Designer Circle changed their great offers and the new ones are available till May 26th, so you have still time to get these great items. The Designer Circle offers great designs from famous SL designers for 100 L$ or less. I am giving you the LM to the DESIGNER CIRCLE store, but also to the store of the designer so you can teleport there to see all of their designs.
This first offer is by BeautyCode. They have put a lovely skin at the Designer Circle, called Janet and they are also offering the matching shape Janet there too. Both, skin and shape are 90 L$ each!

Another offer at the Designer Circle by BeautyCode are these lovely necklaces. They are actually from last circle, but they are still available (at least they were when I was there)

BeautyCode also has some great new releases at their store, like this sexy lingerie set called Angelique. I am showing you the set in green, but there are 3 more colors available (white, red and black) for just 195 L$ per set.
BeautyCode also released great earrings, called Glamour. They come in emerald (shown) and also in grey, pink and purple. Just 99 L$ for each pair.
Another designer that is participating in the Designer Circle is Mayden Couture and they offer this skin called Tanya in tan at the Designer Code store.
Mayden Couture also has a great dollarbie (1 L$) at the Designer Circle.
Calico Ingman Creations has some really GREAT hair and they are also participating in the Designer Circle. You can find both hairpacks below at the store.

You all know I love jewelry and Vincenca Rosca has some GREAT jewelry. It is worth to visit the store but these items below are available at the Designer Circle ladies. Grab them while they are on offer !
Over to something else. Shoes simply make me happy and for the shoe freaks amongst you ladies I will share my these elegant shoes by BabyMonkey. They are their newest group ! Thank you so much Pixieplumb !

And these shoes are the subscribo gift at Pixel Mode. The nailpolish is color change with a hud.

The next shoes are by Viviane Fashion and they are called retro sneakers. They come in 4 colors and they are a new release which means you have to pay for them, in this case 99 L$ per pair.

Viviane Fashion also released some lovely tops and these Rose tops are just 25 L$ each.
The last thing I found for today is the newest votig gift and the newest group gift by Alli & Ali Hair. Both gifts are available at the Alli & Ali MAINSTORE.
The lovely AMY hair is hair for petites.

And ofcourse you can find a LOT of great free hair in the Alli & Ali Marketplace store ! Like this hair, which is called Amy. This hair is for PETITES, which is a novelty !
And this hair is called Loreley and it is also for PETITES.
This hair is also free on Marketplace and it is called Raissa.
The next hair is called Morgana.
And the last hair for today is called Anastasia.