Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some hair, some make-up, some freebies and some Designer Circle.

My blogs just always seems to be a mix of things, usually because I find so many nice things to blog :).
I hope you readers don't mind and if you do mind you can't let me know unless you find me in SL :)
So let me start with the blog for today. I found a great group gift (lace socks) and an aniversary gift (hair with banana) and a group lucky board (hair with bows) at Hair shop HINAKO. Joining the group is free. Upstairs is a group Lucky Board with a cute dress.

Then I went to D!VA and they have 2 lucky boards, where I got this lovely hair ! You get 2 bang versions and you can wear the hair with or without the bow of hairband.
The next hair is a new release by Tameless hair. The hair is called Maycee and it is partly MESH ! The lower picture shows the MESH part ladies, but the hair is also wearable without the long pony tail (which is the mesh part).
It is a new release so NOT FREE! But very affordable.

Then I went to Sugar skins and they are doing the Structure your Skin Project. They have these gorgious skins at their store for 99 L$ each and there are many options to structure your skin, with blush, dimples, moles or freckles !

The next stop for me was the Addiction Skin Showcase. Many skin designers have a spot there where they show their newest or bestest skins. Some even have a little pressy for Heartsick. They have these lovely bright colored lipsticks for free.  But be careful: You are only allowed 10 scripts, so you have to TP there without hair, shoes, jewelry and AO and other attachements!
BTW: I have no clue why there is a white line in both pictures below. It doesn't show on my PC so I cannot correct it....sorry....
Another shop that has a great gift at the Addiction Skin Showcase is IREN. They have these lovely eyelashes for free for group members.
More makeup ? These beautiful lip cremes are the newest release by Eyelure. You can find all 7 colors on their Marketplace store for just 60 L$.
To wear with these lovely make ups why don't you get the JUNE gown by Sascha's Design? It is a group gift and joining is 50 L$, but you get all previous gowns back till 2008, which means you get about 50 gowns and dresses. And isn't the JUNE gown to die for?

Over to the DESIGNER CICLE. I have blogged them before: lots of great designers offer one or more of their designs for 100 L$ or less. Like this cute dress by Mayden Couture.
Or you can hop over to the DESIGNER CIRCLE and grab these cute hoodies (you get a black and a white one) or the fatpack of Khaki pants, made by KENNEDY's. Both 100 L$ or lower! And just take a look around, so many nice stuff at the DESIGNER CIRCLE !! The cute sneakers are by Viviane Fashion (not free, blogged before)

The next dress is a gift by Remy and it is totally free. I love the color as it is the color of our royal family. But it is simply a lovely gown and so elegant!!
This lovely gown and the leather outfit and the MALE outfit (yes it looks good on me too) are group gifts by GIZZA.

The last one for today are the lovely earrins M's Avon has send out to their group members.