Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A blog about Death Row, Swap Meet, +9 and shoes.

Somehow the title is a bit strange, but bare with me and you will see why I chose that title. Let me start with +9. It is a small shop but it has a LOT of (group) freebies. Joining the group is free! I got a lovely red tweed jacket, a tulip hat which is texture and color changeable, sweet matching red pumps, a cute pack with a watermelon and some more goodies (only showing the water melon and the notebook). The jeans are from my own inventory, they are not included.

Then But that is not all you can find at +9! You also get a cute bag called Boston, which was their 1000 member group gift. A panda purse necklace, a pair of summer sandals and flip flops. The sandals and flipflops come in a fun tote bag which you can use too!
If you cannot find the group joiner, the group is called ADD9, you can find it in search.

Looking at the cute panda necklace: Bens Beauty has this elegant butterfly set at the XYRoom for just 90 L$.
There is a SWAP meet outside the Fab Free headquaters. A lot of designers offer stuff there for under 10 L$. Like these cute retro shoes by =SEXY BISH=! They come in many colors and you have an option to wear them with or without the bow.
The SWAP MEET runs till 6-6-2012.
And Aidoru has released these elegant Stormy boots. They are color change with a hud and you cannot only change the color of the shoes, you can also change the metal parts! WOW ...not free but very affordable and at the moment they are even marked down !!! Just showing you a few options.
Aidoru also has this cute elegant hat at their store, which is at the time being also marked down ! 70 L$ for this hat.
Then I went to Death Row Designs. Or for short DRD. They have a lof of Midnight Mania boards and a lot of Lucky Chairs. I clicked every board and I think I sat on every chair...and below is what I got there. Boots, shoes, bracelets, a collar, hoofs, a dress with vest, an armor, clown name it. Some boots are fatpacks (different ~lace~ colors) and some are just single gifts.
It takes just a little patience and some clicking to get all these items ladies !