Saturday, May 26, 2012

Come play with my EMOtions

Today just one store and a dress I found on Marketplace. Sorry if you are disapointed now, but RL sometimes takes over and you all know RL comes first :)

So I went to EMOtions, and joined their group. And look at all those GREAT group gifts they have at their store !! Ranging from tons of lovely hair to sweet gowns or a sexy jungle dress. It is really worth it to go there and join ladies, joining is free. The name of the gowns and hair are on the pictures.

In this blue dress with the Tori hair...I look like Elisabeth Taylor don't you think?

Then I found this cute dress on Marketplace. It is by Chrysalis and it is called BUTTERFLY dress. Isn't that a great dress to party?
I love the black and white theme and the butterfly overlay !