Sunday, May 20, 2012

From elegant to grunge.

Today I will start with the newest group gift by Bliss. They created a lovely MESH gown in elegant ladies !!! You got to love this gown. But to get it you have to be fast, just one day left for this group gift.
Then I picked up the MAY group gift at Sascha's Design (joining the group is 50 L$ but you get soooo many gowns you won't believe it.) A lovely elegant dress with a skirt that flows so softly. Perfect for spring ladies !

The next gown is by Paris Metro and you can find it at Santorini. The gown is called You are Godess. 300 L$ for this lovely gown :)
At Santorini you can also find this great cocktail dress by Paris Metro. It is a group gift in the SANTORINI group (free to join).

Last one for today is ADN. I stood at their lucky chairs for a while and they have 2 questionmark boards too. Look below what I just need some patience and a strong clicking finger for the questionmark boards :)