Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Designer Circle and some more hunting to do

The new Designer Circle starts today and the designers in this Circle have changed their items at the Designer Circle Store. The Designer Circle offers designs from great designers all for 100 L$ or less. So if you want good quality and a great design hop over and take a look inside the Designer Circle store !
The first item from the Designer Circle is by P.I.X.X.I.S and they have 2 very cute outfits at the Designer Circle ! They both are called Naval ( you don't have to guess why) and they come in blue and pink! There is also a dollarbie tattoo, also Naval, at the Designer Circle available.

Then BeautyCode has this GREAT skin at the Designer Circle, called Aleda.

BeautyCode also has these 2 sexy dresses at the Designer Circle ladies, in purple and black and they have that certain WOW factor! 100 L$ ot below !

GraffitiWear also has a beautyful summer dress at the Designer Circle, lovely design ! And they also have a very nice jewelry set at the Designer Cicrle. GraffitiWear ladies !

The last designer is Pink Insidious. They have put some great poses at the Designer Circle...wow...100 L$ or less...thank you so much !
The poses are called Jive Panties Poses.

Over to the Tis is Totally Me Hunt (or for short TITMH). You have to look for a pinks tar at the participating shops and the gifts are GREAT. The hunt runs till May 31st so you have to be quick to get all these lovely gifts !
This first dress is the gift Fabienne Bolissima has hidden inside their pink star from the TITMH. You only have to find it to add this fab dress to your inventory!
Fabienne Bolissima is also participating in the SWH hunt and by accident I found the purple rosefrom this hunt at the store too. Oh was I happy I found it because inside was this great pink dress !
The next shop I teleported to was Aidoru. Jara is a close friend and she is a great designer. She put this great belt inside her pink star of the TITMH and there is also a male belt inside.
If you are wondering what I am wearing with this belt, it is the male gift The Tiger inside you has put inside their pink star. There is a female gift inside it too, see below. The Tiger Inside you ladies.

Sassy is also participating in the This is Totally me Hunt. So why don't you look for the star at their store if you love this outfit just as much as I do?
By accident I also found another hunt item at Sassy. It was the black round box with a lightning on it from the High Voltage hunt! So while you are at the Sassy store look around and you might find it oo ! And click the midnight mania board too (it didn't close when I clicked it).
This lovely jewelry set is the gift TJ Timeless Jewels has hidden insid etheir pink star of the TITMH. Oh it is amazing, a great set to wear with your gowns or dresses ladies. So what is keeping you here? Go hunting !
The last item for today is a lovely dress by {Lethe}. I can't remember what I was doing there, but I do remember I found a caged doll at the store and it was the hunt item from the NSA4 hunt.