Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweet summer dreams

Sascha's Design has released this beautiful gown, called Mimosa, in several great colors ! The gown has such a lovely summer feel, you just can't wait for those lazy summer nights, barbeques with friends, dancing all night long. You get a lot of skirt options with this gown (not free)
The lovely shoes are by N-Core called Femme. (not free) The necklace & earrings set is by Beautycode (blogged before, not free).
Then I got these great skins by Urban Girl. The first one is called Evana and you get a lot of make-up options. The skin can be found on MARKETPLACE and the whole pack, including all those make-ups is just 10 L$.

The other one is called Emma and with t his skin you get loads of lipsticks. It is also on the Urban Girl Marketplace store for just 10 L$ !

Another elegant skin is the one by Le Poppycock. This skin is called Mina and it is only 25 L$. You also get a freckle layer and sexy eyelashes ! Le Poppycock also has 2 lucky boards and if you are lucky you get either one of the sunglasses below.

I found another skin for free this time at U.One. This shop is a dollarbie shop ..everything is just 1 L$ or free. They have a lot of MESH clothing, but also regular stuff.
The skin is called Ipanima skin and it is free. Upstairs are more skins for just 1 L$.
These next outfits are also by U.One. The Areta dress is MESH. With the Kaoma outfit (the frilly top and shorts) are the booties included. It is just a small selection, there is sooo uch at the have to go look!

The last one is called Sexy Swan and it is also by U.One. The top didn't rez for me, and even though I send the designer a notecard, they didn't react at all. Well it was just 1 L$ and I have 2 great black skirts :)
To wear with all these skins above and with the great clothes I would suggest the newest release by Tameless hair. It is called FLOWER and the hair band and the hair are colorchange by clicking it. New release so NOT free, but very affordable.
Then I got a few more items from the Midnight Mania boards at DRD (Death Row Design). These colored boots and the great ripped jeans (with one pair not ripped) are their gifts. So get your friends over and click away!

Graffitiwear changed their Midnight Mania board, Lucky chair and Unlucky dip gifts. Look below what you get there!
The elegant spring dress is from the Midnight Mania board. The lovely jewelry from their Lucky board and the top and pants set from the Unlucky dip. But I would feel very lucky if I got the top and pants :)

And while you are at GraffitiWear why don't you take a look at the lovely new deigns. This elegant outfit is called Lily and it was on sale for just 49 L$. Don't know if it is still that price, if not it still is affordable: 150 L$.
Or you can get this leather booty shorts set, at Graffitiwear,  which is just 95 L$. It comes in many colors and it is a great set with a very sexy back.

The last items for today are by Cupcake Clothing. They are participating in the This Is Totally Me Hunt (you have to find a pink star at the participating stores). And their gift is this track suit for gals and for guys (the grey one is for the guys). The suits include the shoes.

 Cupcake Clothing also has a Midnight Mania board and I clicked it...and it closed ! So I got this lovely top there.