Friday, February 5, 2016

You will Nevermore look this Enticing!

Good Morning Readers!
Today just 2 stores on my blog, Entice and NeverMore.
Let me start with Entice. They are having a yard sale and many of their great designs are marked down to really low prices. Like this elegant Wicked Games dress which is just 49 L$. The matching Diamond heels in pink for Slink high feet are just 85 L$.
The skin I am wearing with the outfits today is by WoW skins and this skin is called Delia (I am wearing the Darktan version with cleavage option). You can find this awesome skin in 6 skin tones on the Bombshell event which runs till February 5th. Delia 2016 is an elegant sophisticated skin and all appliers you might need are sold separate.
And the lovely hair is Scope by Little Bones. A fat pack of this hair is free on Marketplace.
This dress is also by Entice and it is called Bare Necessities. This dress comes with a lovely shoulder piece and it is just
65 L$.
And this outfit is called Causing a Commotion and you can also find it in the yard sale at Entice. The matching Diamond heels for Slink High feet are 85 L$. This is just a small selection of the yard sale outfits ladies...go have a look...there are so many bargains!
Nevermore has plenty grifts for SLF&O members. This group is free to join and on the vendors is a small box which you can click, wearing your SLF&O tag. DO NOT BUY, just touch the box and you will get the gift!
Now what did I get there?
First of all these cute Peasant blouses in black or white. They are great to wear with jeans, which I did with the black blouse. These jeans are by BDR and they are a group gift. The BDR group is free to join. The jeans are called Destroyed jeans.
The cute skirt is another group by Nevermore for SLF&O members.
The cute shoes are from the Lucky boards at Like Designs (the Like Designs group is free to join) and the lovely hair is also by Like Designs and it is called Angelique (not free, but you get 10 tones in each hair pack). I am wearing the Rainbow pack - red.
Then I got this cute top and boyfriend jeans, also SLF&O gifts at Nevermore.
And if you like dresses, Nevermore has several as a group gift for SLF&O members. Like this great Moss satin plunging neckline dress with matching boots.
The lovely jewelry is by Lazuri and it is their Heart to Heart set, perfect for Valentine! The set is completely colour change by touch so you can adjust it to all your outfits!
Or this cute Red Strapless silk dress, which you can also find as an SLF&O gift at Noname.
The next dress is called Jennifer Oh So Sweet dress and you can find it at Nevermore for free if you are an SLF&O Member.
The elegant bangles and rings are by Baubles by Phe and they are called Soirree bangles and rings. They are not free but very reasonable priced.
My last find for today is this Spring black Courtship dress by Nevermore. Wear your SLF&O group tag to get it!