Sunday, February 28, 2016

Uh Oh EVERYTHING is free on this blog?

Yes readers, you read that right.
EVERYTHING on my blog (with an exception for the skin and some hair) is free on my blog today.
I will be away for a week, so I won't be able to blog and I had some left over gifts in my inventory from the Shiny Shabby Anniversary Event which I want to share with you today!
So you only have to go there and pick up those awesome gifts. They are all free and there is no group needed.
Let me start with the skin I am wearing today. Which is not free. I got the newest WoW skin at the Designer Circle, called Irene 2016. This lovely skin comes in 6 perfect skin tones, ranging from a dark caffe to a light milk tone. Each skin tone is just 199 L$ at the Designer Circle. Omega head/body appliers are included.
The lovely hair is called Kiki and it is by Elikatira . This hair is a free gift at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event. You get many colours of this hair.

The boots and belt are a gift at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event by Hoorenbeek. They also fit guys. And the lovely warm grey dress is by American Beauty and it is also a gift at the event.
The next dress is also a gift at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event and this one is by M.Birdie. The poses I am using are also a gift at the event and these poses are An lar Poses.
I am wearing shoes from the Lucky boards at Like Design with the outfits. You will need to be in their group to click these boards, but the group is free to join. These gifts on the lucky boards will change every month, so you might find other shoes there in the next days.
Then I changed my hair to Georgina by Truth hair. This hair is from their back room 50 L$ sale. The lovely earrings are a gift at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event by Minimal.
And these lovely Stone necklaces are a gift by Meva at the event.
You can also find these sexy brown eyes in 3 sizes at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event and they are the gift by Amacci.
And this lovely native necklace is the gift by Yasum.
This lovely bracelet is by Wimey and it is their gift at this event.
And these lovely Deer rings are the gift by Zenith. You can find them at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event.
The next ring is by sYs and they also have a lovely bear bag as a gift.
And these bags are by N-Uno and you can find them too at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event.
The lovely hair is Blaze by Like Designs and this hair is NOT free.
Then I found another bear, not a bag this time. Just an angry bear. Which is the gift by PewPew.
And this cute Fox doll on your head is a gift by Katatonik.
The goggles I am wearing below are the gift by Bauhaus. There were 2 in the folder, I could not see a difference, but maybe you can?
And I found quite a lot of HAT gifts at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event. Some are more my taste then others, but you might like them!
So here goes: this berret is the gift by Miwa's Airship.
And these Daily bucket hats are by Dami.
This lovely vintage pink hat is by Luas Urban Style.
And Rowe hat in blue is by Modulus.
And these bear hats are by Offbeat. You get 3 versions.
My last find for today are these hats by C'est la Vie. They are called Lilou hats and you get a fat pack of them. Showing you a few options below.