Thursday, February 11, 2016

Complaints and correction.

Dear Readers.
I hope you all love to read my blog. I also hope you understand that I am a free blogger. I do not blog for any groups, I do blog for a few stores which you can find to the right of this blog. However NONE of these stores will tell me what to blog and how to blog it. That is entirely up to me, it is my personal blog.
If you have a complaint about my blog I would prefer that you contact ME directly and not any of the groups I blog, nor the designers I blog.
That way I can explain why I blogged it the way I did.
Sound more fair than letting a group tell me what to blog, doesn't it?
I really would appreciate that next time.

So what was wrong? I blogged free SLF&O group gifts by Nevermore. I got them ALL for free, I did not buy them. However it wasn't the designer of Nevermore intention to give them away, they were special offers for SLF&O members. Again: I did not know that, I got them for free without problems.
They are still low priced, about 50-60 L$ each and they are great offers.
Below are still a few offers I found there.
The skin is by WoW skins, it is Delia DT. The lovely hair is Angelique (rainbow pack - red version) by Like Design. The elegant wedges are for Slink High feet and you can find them on the Midnight Mania boards at NoName. There is no group needed and the wedges come with a colour change HUD to change every part of the shoes.
Kind regards from Roodvosje.